How to get long-distance Power over Ethernet?

How to get long-distance Power over Ethernet?

Security Camera King uses a patented Enhanced Power Over Ethernet (ePoE) technology that combines cameras, switches, and NVRs which can then be utilized as standalone PoE ONVIF devices. This fusion of powerful surveillance technologies allows you to harness distances previously unseen in POE (Power Over Ethernet) technology. In the past 100 meters was the threshold for optimal operation, whereas with ePoE you can enjoy distances as great as 800 meters over UTP (unshielded twisted pair) without repeaters. To learn more about how to get the longest distances using ePoE watch the video and share your feedback.

Hey everyone Joe here and today we’re filming on-site at a local neighborhood in our area that features our products on location. The reason we’re here today is to talk to you all about an exciting product feature you may not have heard of before. You see the cameras mounted on this pole are all powered by the awesome solution ePoE which is short for extended power over ethernet and as its name implies it is an enhanced solution to standard power over ethernet that allows you to put cameras at a way further distance.

Let’s take a walk now, you may already know about power over ethernet being a really amazing solution to get both power and data to any IP camera that supports it on an IP camera network all done over a single CAT 5e or CAT 6e ethernet cable. However, as great as PoE is it’s not without its limitations. See as great as standard power over ethernet is it’s limited not by the actual power side of things but the data that the internet protocol can actually carry and this data limitation caps regular PoE at a max distance of only 100 meters.

So we just walked a whopping 630 meters or  1900 feet that far exceeds the 100 meters, 300 foot data limitation of standard power over ethernet. Let’s zoom out to the map and take a look. As mentioned before we walk from here all the way over to here which was a total distance of 630 meters. That’s more 530 meters than standard PoE is even able to reach and we didn’t even use all of our available distance with ePoE. The end cable that powers them both is actually terminated an additional 300 feet away bringing the grand total distance to 2100 feet or 700 meters powered over ePoE.

Now that we know how awesome ePoE is what are the benefits of using it. Well, the first is the cost. It can cost up to thousands of dollars per node to run a new power node into a neighborhood to compensate for not having ePoE. Of course, in order to take advantage of ePoE you’re going to need the right technologies. You’ll first need an ePoE capable camera to use that camera you’ll also have to have an ePoE switch or an ePoE capable NVR. With the power of ePoE ethernet over coax solutions are now possible. Customers with existing coax installations no longer have to upend their entire cabling to install IP cameras.  For more information on what ePoE can do for your product compatibility availability or any other questions, you might have don’t forget to give our sales pros a call at 561-288-5258. Thanks for joining us today as we talked about ePoE and until next time stay safe you

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