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IDTECK Fingerprint Reader With DX Boards

We had an interesting phone call not too long ago. A customer was using an IDTECK fingerprint reader in conjunction with one of our DX boards. This customer needed to know how they could use this fingerprint reader with their DX boards and not have to use a card, but rather use just the fingerprint scanner. We immediately started wiring one of these to our DX board we have and were then able to show them how it is done and now I am going to show you.

First and foremost, this reader is a bit different than most of our readers. On this reader, the wires come separate from the unit itself. For this set up, you will need two sets of these wires. You will need the 2 pin connector for power and you will need the 8 pin connector as well. The manual that this reader comes with will help you to figure out which wire is which and there are plenty of pictures and diagrams in there as well so you know you’ll get the correct set of wires.

In my scenario there are only 3 pieces of equipment. The DX board, the IDTECK fingerprint reader, and a door strike. The first thing I wired was the reader. You have 4 wires for a reader, there is 12v+, 12v-, and Weigand which is two wires D0 and D1. From the reader you have the 2 pin connector for power, red and black, which will run to RD1 on the board. Red will go to 12v+, and Black will go to GND for ground. Then, on the 8 pin connector you will really only need 2 wires from it, Green and White. That is your Weigand, Green is D0, and White is D1. These will run into the same block as the + and – for the reader will, RD1. Green goes to D0, and White goes to D1. Now your reader is connected and you can move on.

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I went with the door strike next. Now on the strike there are only 2 wires coming off of it. They are only for power and they are not labeled + or – so it will not matter either way. One of the wires from your strike will go to NO or NC (depending on which state it is) and the other wire will go to the ground of the power supply. I just put it on the ground where the 12v comes into the board for power. Then for me the other wire went to NO. Next you will need to wire a small jumper from 12v+ coming into the board to the COM (Common) of DR1, this is how you will get power to that relay which controls the strike, open or closed.

Now when you plug the board into power you will have the reader and the strike powered as well. At that point you have to configure a card and your fingerprint into the reader. You will have a “master card” that came with the reader. Once the reader has power, scan your master card and the reader will say “Registration and deletion mode, scan your card”. At that point scan your card or fob and it will say “Put Your Finger“, then ask you to remove it and place it again, then it will say “Fingerprint Registered”. Now, scan the master card one last time and it will say “Reader Mode”. You need to do that with EVERY user. Remember that now when you scan your card or fob, the fingerprint will be required or you have the option to just press your finger on the reader.

Now that your fingerprint and card are registered you are all set to configure the software now. If you have not downloaded it you may do so here,

If the software asks you for a register code, please enter 2004. Once downloaded, choose “Basic Config” > “Controllers” > then search for your board on the network. Once found and added to the software, you need to add your users, so go to “Personnel” and choose “Auto Add” > choose Door and choose the door you are going to press your finger on to add yourself to the system. Go ahead and put your finger on the scanner, you will hear the reader tell you “Access is granted” and you will see the card number shows up, hit OK and add your card even though its your finger. Then be sure to rename that entry to the person’s name so you can track who comes and goes.

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Then you need to allow your users access and you can do so by choosing “Access Control” > “Access Privilege”Access Control” > “Access Privilege” > and “Change Privileges”. Make sure you add the correct users to the correct time profiles (if any), and allow them access to the correct doors at the bottom of that page, then be sure to choose “Allow And Upload”. Then choose “Basic Operate” > “Select All” > “Adjust Time” > and “Upload”. As long as you have followed the steps in this article correctly then you should be all set and have access now. Always be sure and test it first before you take my word for it. Under Basic Operate, you can select all and choose monitor, then go ahead and scan your finger and make sure the reader says access granted and the system also allows you access.

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Again, please remember that if you swipe your card it is going to require your finger, but if you want just the finger that is fine! Go ahead and use it by itself . . . no card needed, the system will allow you access either way. Also, something that is very important. If you wish to enroll fingerprints only keep in mind that each fingerprint needs a unique card. You CAN NOT register a fingerprint without a different card than the last person. If you scan the Master Card, then scan the same card or fob for the second time it WILL delete the card and finger along with it!!

One last thing, just because the reader says “Access Granted” does not mean you can enter the door. The reader will tell you access granted as soon as you register your card and finger but, the software still needs to be configured, please remember this or else you will be locked out after you leave thinking it’s all ready to go. If you have any further questions or concerns you can reach us at (866) 573-8878 Option# 3 for tech support or Option #2 for sales if you want to buy your IDTECK reader with DX board set up today!