ip security camera surveillance
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IP Security Camera Surveillance

IP Security Camera Surveillance

Securitycameraking.com knows just how important securing your property is with a IP Security Camera Surveillance system. Whether you have an at risk business, a home full of valuables, or you are just worried about the rising crime rates we have everything you need to make sure that you and your property is safe. There are many different types of new technology that we offer, such as IP security cameras and digital video recorders, allowing you to monitor your home or business wirelessly from your smartphone. You now have the ability to be a step ahead of criminals who are trying to commit a robbery or home invasion. You can have eyes wherever you need them with our high quality IP cameras.

Our IP security cameras have full HD quality and come in a variety of styles such as bullet, vandal dome, eyeball dome, and box. This ensures that you can find a perfect fit for your property. We have cameras that are 1 megapixel all the way up to 8 megapixels for crisp audio and clear visuals. Security monitoring technology has come a long way from the cctv analog days of cameras and you now can monitor the video feed from your smartphone, tablet, or  computer as long as there is an internet connection.


IP Security Cameras At Home

Securing your home and valuables should be your top priority. Robbery rates have been falling by small increments over the past few years, and this is in part due to the rise of security systems in homes. Multiple studies have shown that even the appearance of security cameras is a major deterrent to criminals. They signal not only that there is probably an alarm set in the home, but also that they can more easily be caught after the crime. Don’t be the unfortunate outlier: visit securitycameraking.com and find the best security solution for your home.

Think about the next time you’re on vacation and thinking about the valuables in your garage? Now you can just glance at your phone and have peace of mind to know that your things are safe. IP cameras are IP network capable devices so you can add them to a network very easy. You can find many different pricing options at Security Camera King. We have simple 1 MP bullet cameras that are perfect to keep an eye on low traffic areas. We also have high-end cameras that have a variety of options and settings. We have pan tilt cameras that can be remotely controlled, infrared cameras for clear night vision, zoom cameras, and motion activated recording cameras. Whether you want to see wide angles or close up visuals,  you have every option you can think of with securitycameraking.com .


IP Security Camera Surveillance

Securitycameraking.com can be the One-Stop shop to secure your entire business.

Many different businesses are now getting security cameras not only for security but also for other monitoring purposes, employees and customers and you can also use security camera data to monitor traffic around your business. Most insurance companies will offer discounts on your insurance premiums if you install security cameras and having IP cameras is really the next step in monitoring because you don’t need a solid state recorder attached to it directly it could be through the internet connection on a remote server farm or a recorder attached to the internet at a different location. IP cameras come in all shapes and sizes we offer wide angle, long range, close range, remote control PTZ cameras, and a variety of colors and sizes to fit and match any location that you choose. Some businesses have many different options of security cameras without any different options in the visual quality you receive, we have a large selection to suit any need you may have.

Having 4k imagery recorded from your IP Security Camera Surveillance system gives you the option of zooming extremely close into the footage if you ever needed to review the footage you can zoom into 4k imagery up to 1 inch by one inch and still be able to decipher whereas other cameras would be completely pixelated and you would not be able to see any details. Many large malls are buying 4k cameras to be a step ahead of criminals that need to be able to zoom in on footage and catch theft or any crime occurring on the premises. Some insurance companies are now requiring 4k cameras to be installed because they have a better resolution and can see more detail and can potentially lower your monthly premium.


We test and quality control every IP Security Camera Surveillance system that comes out of our warehouse so that you get exactly what you are looking for. We stand by every product that we have and we offer excellent customer service and can help you troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the installation or un-boxing we also offer very comprehensive instructions and manuals that describe every function of the products you receive. We have a variety of IP Security Camera Surveillance recorders from 4 channel to 128 channel designs that can support many different functions such as connecting to alarm systems and DVD burners for recording backup storage. IP cameras are a great solution to networking the infrastructure of your business. Your business is target to many different types of attacks from theft to arson and you cannot predict or go back in time to install a security system that would have helped you identify the culprits and possibly even prevent or discourage thieves from acting in the first place. The internet has blossomed and morphed into an amazing tool that people are using for every kind of application from security monitoring to communication. You have so many options to choose from and many different solutions when you are thinking about securing your family and you want the best of the best without any exceptions or loss in quality. You wouldn’t put a low quality camera in charge of monitoring your expensive merchandise so why would you do this to your family? You have the best of the best with securitycameraking.com

Give us a call today and one of our representatives will be more than happy to consult with you on the exact specifications that you need to achieve the best result for your given situation. You can call toll free at 866-573-8878 or visit our offices at 99 NW 11th street Boca raton FL 33432. Or you in Colorado at 9500 W 49th Ave #D106 Wheat Ridge, CO 80033