Magnetic Door Entry System
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Magnetic Door Entry System

How to Install a Magnetic Door Entry System?

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A magnetic door entry system will typically come in two parts: thin metal slab and a thicker portion which house the electromagnetic part of the lock. The thicker piece will be the portion of the lock that is connected to the power supply and essentially allows the mechanism to actually lock. When proceeding to install your magnetic door entry system it is important to remember that the thinner portion of the lock will attach the door itself while the thicker half should be mounted onto the door frame. This is most important because of the wires that you will need to run from the thicker portion of the magnetic door entry system. Logically you don’t want the half with wires attached to be swinging back and forth with the door. If you have been looking for a professional magnetic door entry system then take a look through the extensive collection of access system that we carry. Some of the access control magnetic locks that you can choose from include:


The first tool that you will need in order to do perform a magnetic door entry system installation is a drill with an appropriately sized drill bit. It is very important to remember to use a proper masonry drill bit if you will be drilling into hard concrete or brick surfaces. A ruler and pencil will help you proficiently mark the position of your new magnetic door entry system. The final tool we recommend for installation should be a simple Phillips screwdriver. All the appropriate screws should come packaged with your new magnetic door entry system.

Installation Process

You should begin the magnetic door entry system installation with the thinner metal portion of the electronic lock which will be attached to your door. Before you drill the plate into position you should mark off the selected area with the ruler and pencil in order to ensure that this half of the lock isn’t incorrectly placed. In order to properly account for the lip of the door frame, you should first close the door before proceeding to make the markings with the pencil. It is important you complete this portion of your magnetic door entry system installation as directed (with the door closed) in order to ensure that you do not accidentally mount the slab to the very top of the surface and prevent the door from properly closing. Once you have the positions of where your screws should be placed properly marked we can begin to drill the holes for the screws to fit into.

Once you have determined the appropriate area and finished drilling the holes that you will be screwing into you can begin to mount the thinner metal plate portion of your magnetic door entry system to the door using the proper screws or fitments. Before you move onto the final tightening of the screws on this half of your system you should open and close the door in order to double check that everything is still flowing smoothly. If all is as expected you can go ahead and finish the tightening of the screws.

The next portion of the installation involves the mounting of the actual electromagnetic lock. In order for your magnetic door entry system to properly function it is exceedingly important that there is a thorough connection established between both halves of the system. This means that you should take extra care into ensuring that the area is properly marked off before mounting this portion of your EM lock. To begin your door should be closed once more in order to determine exactly where the first metal plate is sitting in relation to your door’s frame. A good tip to follow during this portion of the installation is to power your magnetic door entry system and have the two halves of the system clamp onto each other. You can then easily mark the position of the thicker half of your system with your ruler and pencil and guarantee that you the correct position identified.  It is important to account for any wires coming off of this portion of your EM lock in order to drill the appropriates holes to run the cable through. Once you have properly run the wires for your magnetic door entry system and ensured that it is a flush fit onto the marked area you can tighten the screws and fix it into place. You can now power on your system as you’ve completed the installation portion of your brand new magnetic door entry system.

Security Camera King is the premium solution if you have been looking for a trusted security product supplier for a new magnetic door entry system. We carry some of the best security provision technology in the industry. Contact our experts at Security Camera King for help ordering a magnetic door entry system or to have any inquiries professionally addressed.

Magnetic Door Entry System

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