12V 5000ma Power Supply

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This 12-Volt 5-Amp Universal Power Supply is commonly used to power our 300 foot IR Illuminators or as a replacement power supply for our Mini Series DVRs.

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7 reviews for 12V 5000ma Power Supply

  1. F.F. C.

    Works great. One word of caution: when purchasing a replacement power supply make sure the voltage (and type) and milliamps match. Also. double check the size of the plug (this one is 2.5 mm) and whether the center post is positive or negative to be sure you have purchased the correct match.

  2. Sam Betts

    I have a situation where I have a wireless outdoor digital video security camera. A cable run to it would take about 300 feet, and I hate to have to do that–after all the camera is supposed to be wireless. As luck would have it, there is an outlet nearby this camera so I just bought this power supply to use with it which saved me a lot of cabling time and hassle. Works great.

  3. Dean Tabor

    Strong DC power when you need it. I used this to power my long rang infrared LED illuminator and it does the job just right. Remember this is actually a 5 amp DC power supply so it has some relatively strong current, don’t hook it up to a camera!

  4. Miguel Valeiron


  5. Steven Goldman

    Perfect replacement for the blown power supply for my cameras. Plug and play.

  6. David Anderson

    Used for IR blasters.

  7. John D

    It is a power supply that will power several cameras or 1-2 PTZ cameras depending on the requirements. Note that Most PTZ that have a high current requirement come with their own power supply. Read the descriptions carefully of the specifications tab to know how large of a supply you will need.

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