18 Channel 12V DC High Power CCTV Power Distribution Box

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This power supply is designed to be used when you need to power security cameras that demand higher power inputs. This unit can provide up to 20 amps of 12V DC power which is more than twice the power output of the average power supply. If you are using long range infrared cameras that use 12V DC power, we highly recommend this power supply.


  • Provides 12v DC fused outputs for 4, 8, 9, or 18 cameras
  • Individual PTC auto reset fuse for each output
  • Individual LED status indicator
  • Main power switch with surge protection
  • Uses switch power technology
  • Regulated and filtered
  • Enclosure dimensions: 9.75in x 8in x 3.5in

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for 18 Channel 12V DC High Power CCTV Power Distribution Box

  1. Newkirk, Ryan

    This unit pumps the power out, at 1amp per channel, my cameras will never starve for power. This is a very, very solid unit and the electronic fuse saves me from having blown fuses. This unit is definitely an install and forget it item.

  2. Sam Best

    This is an excellent, solid quality power supply. Not only does it have the capability to “goose the juice” to your cameras but the 18 channels allows for a 16 channel system with room to power two additional DC infrared illuminators if you use them. The built in electronic fuse is convenient as well.

  3. Wilbur, Jeremiah

    Working as intended, customer very happy.Has a neat feature to display a certain light if the positive/negative are switched to prevent power failure.

  4. Bill Miller

    Works great. This power supply has some nice built in safeguard features. It is good to use for long DC runs or if you have several power demanding cameras (like PTZs) in your system.

  5. Ricky Tucker

    This little box is a monster….it has the power to do anything. I have t PTZ cameras and they both work fine.

  6. Pedram Owtad

    StableWire connectivity could have been designed easier and more convenient

  7. Alex Jahay

    Seems to be an outstanding product. Knock out holes aren’t place quite where needed, but punched one where I needed it and everything is working great. Note: orders come from Florida and if you are ordering for next day, they have to be in by three pm EST.

  8. Matt Bradshaw

    This is a very high quality power junction box. Usually I go for the 16 ch boxes, but in this particular install I wanted to have the ability to add extra LED lights if need be to light things up at night. But with the long range cameras it hasn’t been needed…. yet.

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