21x24x8 Large Steel Lockbox with fan designed for 1.5 and 2U DVRs & NVRs

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DVR Lockbox 21in X 24in X 8in with cooling fan: Made of super strong 16 gauge steel with removable lid for easy access, locking front door with cam lock and 2 keys, air vents, cooling fan and power cord for superior cooling, rubber bumpers and durable textured powdercoat finish.

Reviews (15)

15 reviews for 21x24x8 Large Steel Lockbox with fan designed for 1.5 and 2U DVRs & NVRs

  1. Ford, Daniel

    Great for keeping unauthorized people from getting to my DVR! A great accessory for any business.

  2. Jacob S.

    This really makes me feel that my dvr is safe.

  3. Keith D.

    With this lockbox, I know my dvr is secure and I don’t have to worry about it overheating.

  4. Hank

    This really helps me feel secure about my equipment.

  5. Steve

    This really helped protect my sensitive equipment.

  6. Steve

    We had a break in and I’m so happy that DVR was protected by one of these.

  7. S. Patterson

    We spent a significant amount of money on our state-of-the art 16 channel digital video system for factory. The last thing I need is a “curious George” or a disgruntled employee changing or tampering with the DVR settings or my connections. The lock box works great and I know that with the built in fan it will prevent my unit from getting overheated. I can’t see how anyone in an industrial or commercial setting could go without using one of these. I definitely recommend it.

  8. Harold W.

    I have installed an Elite Series digital video security camera surveillance system in my store. For what ever reason, it seemed as if the DVR may have been tampered with in the past (more like my employees may have been playing around with it). So in order to have absolute control over the DVR and system I purchased this lockbox. It works great! The cooling fan is a nice addition that helps keep the DVR from getting too warm. There’s enough room in the lock box for the DVR, the remote, and even some blank DVDs. Someone has really got to want to do damage to the system to try to make it past the 16 gauge steel.

  9. Lazaar F.

    We recently had a Security Camera King digital video system installed in our offices. Because of architecture and other factors, we had to place the DVR in a very vulnerable position. However, in mentioning this in passing to one of your security experts when we were originally talking about some thing else, he suggested I try this. This was the perfect solution! We have the lockbox firmly and securely attached to the wall and I am the only one with the keys. Excellent Idea. I recommend it to anyone stuck in a similar condition

  10. G. L.

    Good protective device to help prevent tampering. If you have “curious” employees this coan be a solution. It won’t necessarily prevent damage but it does a good job of keeping people from being able to change the settings, erase footage, etc.

  11. Hal Walker

    I was watching one of those “Dumbest Criminal” shows one night and this guy walks into a convenience store and tries to rob the cashier. After getting what he wanted, he looks up and sees the video tape recorder for the security camera system and ejects the loop tape that is recording and walks off with it. That show motivated me to install a Security Camera King security camera system in our store (which is much larger). Our DVR is located in the main office which has a separate, heavy, locking door but after watching that show I decided that when I installed the system (it’s a Federal series 16 channel) I would include a lockbox. I had the lock box installed in such a manner that it would basically take a sledge hammer to get it out. I don’t have to worry about the unit overheating either because the lock box has it’s own built in fan. I found one other benefit to the lock box as well. It keeps employees or anyone else for that matter from tampering with your DVR unit and its settings. This one works great; it’s made of heavy steel and I’m confident that it will continue to protect my DVR.

  12. Inez Morales

    Keeps the components in and the employees (and others) out! I love it!

  13. Mike Neely

    Solid product. Should be effective in impeding access to the NVR and its data at least long enough to allow recognition, download and saving of pictures of the crime in progress

  14. Justin Dobie

    This is a heavy duty lockbox. The built in fan is very nice for keeping good airflow through the box. I’ve had no problems with heat when using one of these. They are all keyed the same which is useful if you’re doing many installations. Get one key made for yourself and provide the clients with the keys that they come with.

  15. Matt Bradshaw

    First time installing one of these steel lock boxes. Most people find it sufficient enough to lock it in a closet. This customer wanted to make sure no one would easily walk off with their system. And I strongly believe this will do the job. Its way more durable then I first anticipated, and the large version is very accommodating for surge protector, DVR, and power junction box. I’d remove .5 of a star if I could because the filter on the fan was damaged. It was bent outward so it was rubbing against the fan itself. Was a super easy fix just not sure how or why that would have been bent. But it works so 5*s.

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