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3TB SATA Hard Drive

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This is a 3TB (Terabyte) Hard Drive. When you own a Security NVR or DVR, you must use a hard drive that is made for surveillance recorders. A typical desktop hard drive cannot handle the constant friction that a high temperature, always-on device such as a DVR delivers. This is a High Quality and dependable Security Recorder Hard Drive that will prevent any frame loss due to the high standards in the manufacturing process. This drive can hold 3,000GB of data and will deliver results time and time again. You can feel confident that by having one of these hard drives in your security system you will be able to retrieve your data if you ever have to produce your footage to the authorities.

The data transfer rate is a high-speed 6GB/s and for complete specs click on the download tab.

If you need to calculate how much hard drive memory you require for your specific system check out our Online Hard Drive Calculator.

This HDD comes with a 1 Year warranty from & an additional 2 year warranty through the Factory only .For further warranty information, click here.

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6 reviews for 3TB SATA Hard Drive

  1. H. Halstead, Electronics Technician

    We recently purchased the 3 TB SATA hard drive for our DVR. After purchasing the DVR and using it for a while, we realized that we really didn’t by a big enough hard drive four our application so we added this SATA hard drive. Works fast and seems reliable. It was easy to install.

  2. Fred G.

    We wanted to extend the recording storage capacity of our DVR so we could hold more archived footage without having to delete it and write over it so quick. A 3 TB SATA hard drive is definitely the solution for us. This should keep us running for a very long time without the need for overwriting files. In fact the addition of this hard drive to our DVR should give us enough storage room so we really shouldn’t ever have to make up archive DVDs anymore. The drive is easy to install and it works fast.

  3. S. Reed

    This really extended my storage potential. Works great, was easy to install, and have had no problems.

  4. Darren Brown

    This drive works great and has extended my storage capacity almost double. If you are a do it your selfer like me, make sure if you decide you want to add hard disk drives to your system that you are not tempted by really cheap prices for hard disk drives shown on other computer/on-line sites. Often times those hard drives are good hard drives but they are cheaper because they are only 5400 RPM hard drives and have a slower data transfer rate. Most of the DVRs (I learned the hard way) require 7200 RPM hard drives with fast data transfer rates. If you want to be sure, purchase them from Security Camera King and it may save you some grief.

  5. Bennet Sizemore

    We purchased our original Ultimate DVR from Security Camera King about a year ago. After owning it all this time we finally realized that it would be far worth the investment to purchase another 3TB hard drive and add it to our system. It was a piece of cake to install and we have had no problems.

  6. Brian Bester

    worked great easy to install, fast shipping at a great price

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