500 FT Siamese RG59-18-2 White Cable in pull box

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Use the same kind of cable that professional security companies use to install security surveillance systems. This is called “Siamese” Cable because it is an RG59 Coaxial Cable with an 18 Gauge 2-wire for the power that come together on a spool to easily pull. This makes it much easier since you don’t have to run two separate cables. For convenience sake, the cable has the footage marked on the outer jacket to make it easier to keep track of how much you are using. Since this is not pre-terminated, you have the option of choosing which connector to use. You can choose from crimp on, twist on or compression BNC connectors.

Also available in black.

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1 review for 500 FT Siamese RG59-18-2 White Cable in pull box

  1. Matt Bradshaw

    I seem to always just add my cable on to my orders. People tell me I can go elsewhere and save a few, but I like to know everything coming from the same company, any issues I know who to call. Haven’t had a single issue with a single thing I’ve ever bought from SCK.

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