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8 Channel 4K Elite Security NVR with 8 Ports PoE & ePoE

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Number of Cameras
Number Of HDD
Max Recorder Resolution

The NVR-EL8M-8EP is an eight channel NVR with a built in POE switch. This POE switch allows you to simply connect IP cameras to the back of the NVR and they will receive power in this manner. This also creates a private network for the cameras to send the video back to the recorder while keeping that bandwidth separated from your main network.

All PoE ports built into this recorder support the new ePoE technology. Until recently, the longest distance you could transmit video and power was 328 feet. With ePoE, these signals can now be transmitted 2,624 feet as long as the cameras and PoE ports support this technology.

Smart H.265+ and H.265 are the latest in video compression technology and this recorder can implement them as long as the cameras supports this. The powerful processor in this NVR is potent enough to be able to run 12MP cameras smoothly. It also has a smart fan in it which adjusts its speed to cut down on noise and extend the life of the NVR.

You can also get full functionality out of fisheye cameras when using them with this NVR. Not only will this NVR allow you to dewarp the fisheye view (returning it to a more standard video ratio) but, there are separate modes that offer different ways to adjust each scene from the live footage and recorded playback.

This NVR has a lot of upgraded features with regards to AI. In order to properly utilize these features, you must pair this recorder with special AI cams. Heat mapping is now supported with the IPVD-EL12FW and cameras with people counting and with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) will being coming soon as our AI camera lines expands.

This product comes with a 3 year warranty! FREE US based tech support for the life of the product! Don't forget to download our FREE remote viewing applications, available on IOS & Android! For further warranty information, click here.

Enhanced POE

ePoE you can simplify the wiring requirements enabling you to reach distances of a single run up to 800 meters (over 2,600 feet) at a speed of 10Mbps.



ePoE, or enhanced Power over Ethernet, is an innovative solution that utilizes specialized algorithms capable of extending how far both IP and analog security cameras can reach. ePoE devices are now standard on ONVIF devices and can even be incorporated into traditional PoE systems. What makes ePoE devices different is that they have the capability of converting coaxial infrastructures with the latest IP devices. This capability makes it possible to increase transmission distances through both coaxial and ethernet cables.

4K Ultra High Definition Resolution

4K resolution is a resolution that consists of 4,000 pixels. 4K, which is specifically 3840 × 2160 (4K UHD), has now become the standard for video quality. 4K resolution is not just for TV graphics. It’s now being utilized for modern video surveillance systems and can be an important aspect for high-quality security cameras in order to provide a better quality recording, deliver better results for analysis, and ultimately make it clearer to see for everything from security to entertainment.

Remote Viewing Apps

The ability to view security camera systems remotely has transformed the video surveillance industry in powerful ways. Prior to this innovation, manned users were needed on location to view live feeds. Now, it’s possible to view live camera feeds digitally through network-connected devices. IP security cameras make this innovation possible. With remote viewing, anyone, from anywhere in the world, can visibly watch live camera feeds.

Number Of Cameras 8
Number Of SATA Connections 2
Has Alarm Inputs / Outputs Yes
Video Output Types HDMI, VGA
Video Output Resolutions: 3840×2160 , 1920×1080 , 1280×1024, 1280×720 , 1024×768
Size 1U
Resolutions Capable 12MP, 8MP, 6MP, 5MP, 4MP, 3MP, 1080P, 1.3MP, 720P
Max Bandwidth 320Mbps
Display Screen Split 1/4/8/9
Compression of Video H.265+
Connection Apps Smart PSS, iDMSS, gDMSS
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Product Specifications Detailed Feature List and Product Specifications
Product Manual Original Product Manuals
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