8 Channel Output Switching Power Supply

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This is our easy to use PWR-MINI-8 which is a combination of a 12V DC, 5amp transformer and an 8 way power splitter that is designed to power 8 12V DC security cameras. This power supply will accept both 110V AC power and the European standard of 220V AC power. Our customers love this power supply because it does not require any mounting or power leads.

Reviews (11)

11 reviews for 8 Channel Output Switching Power Supply

  1. Parsons, Michelle

    Supply cord works really well and gives you the capability to add cameras at a later time.very well priced

  2. Whitley, Michael

    This 8 channel power supply works well with my 8 cameras. What I like the best is that it doesn’t take as much space as a 8 channell Power box and it’s easy plug n play leads.

  3. Burroughs, Scott

    If you are plugging in multiple cameras, then this is the way to go. Just one plug and you can power up to 8 cameras rather than trying to plug in 8 power supplies.

  4. Harry Waugh

    This unit makes for a neat install. Not as large as a box power supply and still works just as good.

  5. Colin Bennett

    Excellent power supply for multiple cameras. Very compact compared to many other camera power supplies. Works great.

  6. Karen Naro

    Was a BIT disappointed that my power cord sent with the switching power supply was the incorrect one, and only found out when setting the unit up.Fortunately, I was able to take a power cable from an amplifier I was going to toss. Was not happy scrambling around trying to find the correct power cable tho!I was wondering the entire time why it was so difficult for someone to just match the power supply with the correct power cord!!!!! Stop worrying about the shipment time and delivery time and spend the extra effort just getting it right!Ya BLEW THIS ONE GUYS!

  7. dikran tatarian

    Very good Poe switch I gave 4stars because it is not rack mountable .will buy again.

  8. William Wood

    Power supply worked fine until last night after 6 months of use. All cameras went out, video loss. Checked power supply with multimeter and nothing coming out of it. Having to order a new one now. Luckily they aren’t too expensive. Unlucky now I have no security cameras at the house until the new one arrives.

  9. Arthur Zwetzig

    Works great, easier than mounting a separate box. Good connections


    It doesn’t get much easier to power cameras than utilizing this device. Installation is really fast and efficient with this power supply used with Plug and Play cables.

  11. Matt Bradshaw

    You can feel the difference in build quality between this and the cheapos that come from other competitors. I was upgrading cameras at one of the locations, so instead of getting a junction box like I usually do, I went with this for simplicity and cost savings. So far so good.

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