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8 Port POE Switch with 1 Gigabit Uplink & 1 Fiber

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The POE-8MB1G-V2 is the perfect unmanaged PoE switch for use out in the field offering a variety of power options, upload linkages and environmental protections.  The 8 10/100 PoE ports supply both PoE and PoE+ power, while ports 1 and 2 can provide up to 60W of Hi-PoE for those high-powered PTZ’s like our IPPTZ-ELS8IRL40-AI/T (at a maximum total output of 96W.)

This Layer 2 Hardened switch has both Gigabit Ethernet and Fiber uplink ports for you to choose from.  With a -30°C~ 65°C (-22°F~ 149°F) working temperature design you can feel comfortable installing this in a NEMA box in Florida or your utility shed in Maine.  The 4-6KV Lightning protection, 8KV Contact Discharge, and 15KV Air Discharge ESD Protection will help you protect your investments and keep your products operational in rough weather. Dual power backup support enables you to make all best efforts to keep your systems live even when the elements are fighting against you. 

This switch does not have any IP Ingress protection, so while it can operate in harsh conditions make sure you protect it too!



PoE, or Power-over-Ethernet makes it possible to install security cameras and video surveillance equipment without traditional AC power. It permits devices to have electrical power to more places without having to install an additional electrical infrastructure or outlet at every point they are placed. The main benefit is that surveillance devices can be installed without needing a professional electrician, saving people money and simplifying the process, making security cameras more cost-effective.

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