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Adjustable Push and Lock Crimp Tool for F”, BNC and RCA Connectors”

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Our Adjustable Push and Lock Compression Tool for “F”, BNC and RCA Connectors makes a great addition to your CCTV tool kit. It can be used to install most all common connectors for both RG59 and RG6 coax cable.

Reviews (14)

14 reviews for Adjustable Push and Lock Crimp Tool for F”, BNC and RCA Connectors”

  1. Simpkins, Todd

    Compression BNC make the best connections. The problem is getting the right tool. I’m happy to say i finally found the right one.

  2. Kyle

    The right tool for the job.

  3. al

    A very useful tool.

  4. Mike

    This was the only tool that I needed for the cabling.

  5. Ben A.

    I’ve been putzing around with cheap $20.00 crimpers and strippers for too long. When I saw this tool on your site, especially after watching the Video Tutorial, I decided to spend the extra money and buy it. Now I feel like an idiot. All these years I wasted my time and effort with other tools attaching connectors–I’m glad I found this. Everything is a compression fitting for me for now on!

  6. Dexter Pittman

    I have a tendency to be a bit of a tool junkie so when I was looking to order my system I saw this tool and bought it. It’s a good quality tool not like those cheap $9.99 crimpers you can buy at those home improvement stores. My son calls this the “Pump ‘n Crunch” tool.

  7. K. Myers

    Twist on connectors are convenient and okay to use. Crimp connectors hold better, but the BEST is a compression connector. If you want a truly professional connection that won’t fall off every time you handle it, use a compression BNC. This is the “magic” tool that connects them. I say “magic” because it works like magic to me. Very impressive, provides a rock-solid connection. Highly Recommended.

  8. Barry Hollinger

    This is a great tool and well worth the money. It’s like a “one stop shop” for digital video security system installation. They did forget to build a couple of things in the design, like a cigarette lighter, GPS, and a can opener….lol

  9. Ron Cox, Technician

    This isn’t the cheapest tool in the world, but then again there’s not a lot of tools that perform this function. I prefer to do the highest quality installs when I do my work and that includes using compression fittings. I don’t think any connection can compare to the tight, high quality performance of a good compression crimp. This tool does the job with ease. If you do CCTV work, this tool will pay for itself in no time. It works for both RG59 and RG6 cable.

  10. Joh Scott

    Good tool. Works well, is solid, and it does a good job on compression BNC connectors.

  11. S. F.

    If you like BNC compression fittings you’ll like this tool. Actually you’ll have to have this tool. Also good for pesky RCA connectors. The tool is solid, good quality and should last a long time.

  12. Gary Felton

    If you are a professional CCTV installer and you’re looking for a solid crimp/compression tool this is it. If you are a do-it-yourselfer and you want to have compression fittings on your cable I would suggest that you ask Security Camera King to do it for you for free. I’ve read somewhere here on their website that if you tell them what length of cable you need and purchase it by the foot they will put the compression fittings on for you and save you the expensive of buying the tool. If, on the other hand, you are installing a lot of cameras like a 16, 32, or more system and you don’t exactly know all your lengths, it would be worth it to have this tool if you like compression fittings.

  13. Jim Grankowksi, Installer

    This is an excellent crimping tool for use on BNC, RCA, and “F” connectors. The tool isn’t exactly the cheapest priced tool I’ve ever seen, but then again it’s not made cheap either. Many other similar tools are made of very cheap metal that either is so thin in kind of “cuts in” to your hand when you use it or it doesn’t have the fortitude to make the proper fit. You’re getting what you pay for here, no cheap knock off. Also, unless you live near a hardware or cable supply store you may not find these too easy to obtain so it’s nice to be able to select it here and have it included with your order.

  14. Steve Post

    This is like the “mother load” of all coaxial connector tools. It works great and it’s always in my tool belt. About the only thing they could do to improve it would be to find a way to put an Ethernet RJ45 crimper on it!

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