Alarm Box for Elite DVRs

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The AB-EL16 is a device that can be used to add alarm inputs and outputs to our Elite series recorders which do not have them. It is connected to a DVR or NVR through the RS485 port to add 16 inputs and 6 outputs.

Door contacts, glass break sensors, motion detectors, passive infrared sensors (PIR), gate sensors, vehicle sensors and/or any sensor that is a normally open or normally closed device are examples of alarm inputs. They can be used to trigger the recorder to send an email, record a camera, trip a PTZ to go to a specific preset, activate push notifications on the correct mobile app, unlock a door strike, unlock a mag lock, and even trigger an alarm output which is also connected to the recorder or other similar actions.

Sirens and strobe lights are also examples of alarm outputs which can be connected directly to the recorder. The DVR or NVR can trigger these outputs through an alarm input or features already in the recorder, like motion detection. It is also possible to manually trigger these outputs from a computer or mobile device, which really increases the possible applications. So many possibilities . . . you can even connect an automatic garage door to this device and then manually trigger it from a cell phone!

You get a 1 year warranty and free US based tech support for the life of this product.

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