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Use this tool for crimp on connectors. With this tool you will be able to crimp BNC and RCA connectors to RG59 or RG6 cable.

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5 reviews for BNC Crimping Tool

  1. Mark I.

    You get what you pay for. You can purchase a similar type of tool at a home improvement store for less than $10 and once you think you have the connector crimped on the cable it falls off, usually when you are trying to connect the cable to something. Not so with this tool. The crimping action is solid (as is the tool) and the crimps are tight and professional looking as well. It’s definitely worth the money.

  2. Nick Kilcollin

    Good tool. I personally don’t care for the twist on connectors as I like something a little more “permanent.” I’m just a home owner and not a professional installer though and I didn’t want to go as far as compression BNC connectors, so I chose crimp connectors. This tool puts the crimp on the connectors well and works fairly easily. All you need is a strong grip!

  3. T. Long

    If you don’t like to use twist-ons, chances are you’re going to use crimping BNC connectors and this is the tool you’ll need to do the job. Works well and is fairly priced.

  4. D. Smith

    If you are a regular installer then you already know this, but if you are a do it your selfer you may not. If you don’t want to use twist on BNC connectors (some people have a hard time with them) then you are either going to have to purchase the plug n’ play cables that Security Camera King sells, or you will need to purchase a crimper or compression tool to install crimp-on BNCs and compression BNCs. This tool is a crimper for BNCs and will work on RG59 or RG6 size cable connectors. You can go to your local home improvement store and buy a crimper for about half this price, but it is thin and flimsy too. This one is solid, and does a good job of making a tight “all-around” crimp.

  5. Tom Bell

    Bought plenty of equipment from here. This is the first tool I’ve bought from here though. As is with everything else it is top quality. I wasn’t surprised though because I’ve become confident in all my puchases that what ever it is it with be of very good quality.

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