Power Splitter Y Adapter Audio Splitter

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12-inch 2-way Power Splitter – One DC Jack (5.5×2.1mm) to 2-DC Plug(5.5×2.1mm)

Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Power Splitter Y Adapter Audio Splitter

  1. T. C.

    These splitters provide a nice convenient method for splitting power. They also help to keep the installation looking neat and professional. They are great for situations where you use a camera and a powered microphone.

  2. D. Larson

    Works great for supplying a microphone with power from the camer power lead. Saves wiring time too.

  3. Powell, Eric

    This splitter is of good quality wire and handles the current well. There’s not much one can say about a splitter, but it worked perfectly and I’m happy with it.

  4. Carson, Dave (New York USA)

    Works good, no problems.

  5. Frank Marsh

    Works great. You almost HAVE to have these if your going to record audio at the camera with a power microphone. If you are using them for some other purpose, make sure you check the voltage and current demands for that device (being used on the same line as the camera) before you use it.

  6. Larry Calley

    Works great. You really need these if you install microphones and don’t want to run more power wires.

  7. Gregg Johnson

    I’m not sure how the professional CCTV installers do it, but if you are a do it yourselfer like I am and you want to use powered microphones with your cameras this splitters are a real time saver!

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