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4k IP cameras

4k IP cameras

For a long time 1080p was the go-to resolution for IP cameras, Now take a look at our affordable 4k IP cameras to go to the next level! Click the link. image below to be taken directly to ur 4k IP cameras and see all the available options, keep reading to learn more!



4k IP cameras

4k IP cameras

Now to really get an idea of how amazing these brand new 4k IP cameras truly are, you’re going to need 2 things: A 4K display, and a decent internet connection for streaming 4k content! that’s because we wanted to really show off how sharp 8 million pixels really are. The only way to see this for sure is to watch the video we filmed in full 4k, on a 4k display. On a 1080p screen, it will still look pretty sharp, but you will be missing out!

In the video, we’re going to present six units for our 8 Megapixel series.  We have for the show, two of each of the following shell styles: Turret dome, vandal dome, and bullet style. The reason we brought on two of each is that we carry these units in both fixed, and motorized capabilities. Many of the features found in one, can be found in the rest but as we’ll dive into, there are a few shell styles that have unique capabilities. the other thing to note, as some are fixed and others aren’t The nonfixed cameras come with a motorized lens for easy set-and-forget zoom!

All six of these units, in all of the available shell styles, are capable of 8 Megapixels, which yes means there are in fact 8 million pixels worth of sharpness and quality in each image! This is also commonly referred to as 4k. This is an effective resolution expressed as 3840 x 2160. This 4 times as much as 2 Megapixel and a whopping 8 times as sharp as 1 Megapixel. The jump in quality is staggering, and if you’re watching the accompanying video on a 4k Display- you’ll really be seeing that difference.

One thing that will be difficult to see in action without watching the above video is the max FPS capabilities of these units. FPS stands for ‘frames per second’ Know that all of the 8 MegaPixel cameras are able to hit 15 frames per second at this resolution but are able to be down stepped to 3 Megapixels to hit a higher 25 Frames Per Second.

For encoding, not only can these units use the standard H264 video compression, but they’re all also capable of performing the newest H265 compression, this provides a massive 64% decrease in file size for recordings at 8 Megapixels from h264. This will save precious hard drive space and allow many more consecutive hours of footage to be stored.

They all come equipped with an Ip67 outdoor protection rating, so you know as long as they are installed correctly with the proper mounting and sealing hardware, they are great for use inside or out.  During the day, you’re going to get an amazing clear color, 4k image. Infrared length is going to vary a bit however from model to model, below is a list of the different IR lengths available. However, they all have SMARt Ir to some degree for a clear monochrome image at night, or super low light areas as low as zero lux.

  • All 3x Motorized cams are 50meteres
  • Fixed vandal- 30m
  • Fixed  Bullet 40m
  • Fixed Turret – 50m

You’ll need to purchase an AI-capable NVR to take advantage of this, but all six of the cameras can utilize new AI-powered facial recognition technology. this allows for super high tech video searching and data logging! They all have a field of view arc of 110 degrees, and feature an SD card slot for on-unit backup too!

So we’ve covered all the similarities between the two 8Mp series, but what about what sets them apart? Well when it comes to audio and I/O, there are a few differences even amongst the same series. For example, only the Turret-style domes come equipped with a built-in microphone, which allows it to record audio right over the network directly to your recorder. Additionally- both of the Vandal Domes and The motorized Bullet, come equipped with external audio input and Alarm I/O This means they can send and receive trigger signals with a variety of devices. The fixed bullet, however, has no audio or alarm capabilities at all. Lastly, the biggest and most important difference between these two sets of 8 MP cameras is the 4x optical zoom, and adjustable focus available only in the Motorized lens variant cameras you see here.

All six of these units are available now. If you have any questions regarding compatibility, installation, or availability- don’t hesitate to give one of our sales Pros a call at 866-573-8878
Thanks again for joining us today as we covered these amazing 4k Security Cameras, both fixed and motorized units. If you enjoyed the article or liked the video don’t forget to like and subscribe for more tutorials, features, and product showcases- and Until next time- Stay safe!

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