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Alarm Systems: How They Work and Why They May Be For You

alarm_systems_for_homeThink of your home alarm system as your home-based computerized babysitter. Now obviously an alarm system is not something to trust so you can leave your infant at home alone. Although the system that you have invested in or are thinking of investing in could save you, your family, your home, and all of your belongings. Usually an alarm system consists of a few “usual” things, such as an alarm panel where you will type your code to disarm, and several sensors for doors or windows. The basics to an alarm system are very easy to understand. Say you have 3 doors and 6 windows all of which serve as an entry point into your home. This means you will need 9 contacts along with your main alarm panel. The install crew will come to your home (for a price), run the wires necessary for power and a phone line to connect the alarm panel to a monitoring company or the authorities or both. In addition to that, door contacts will be installed on all doors and windows necessary to alert you when one has been opened. The way this works is, the contact consists of two pieces one of which is installed on the door or window itself; the other is installed onto the door/window frame. Both pieces to the contact contain a magnetic strip and when the door or window is opened the two contacts are separated, triggering the alarm to go off. However it will not sound right away giving you a few timely seconds to get to the panel and put in your code which will stop the alarm from being sounded or alerting the proper authorities.


Why an Alarm System May Be For You:

The average home consists of family photos, personal belongings, and a few very sentimental objects that are dear to the owner. The bigger things in your household like furniture, TV, or money, while frustrating and expensive to have stolen are all replaceable. I want you to think about all the things that can’t be replaced like that picture of you and your son at the beach while he was still young that has now been destroyed during the break in. Or the urn containing your beloved father’s remains that was knocked over during the rummage. These are two very realistic things that can happen to you without an alarm system. Now with an alarm system, as soon as an intruder comes through any door or window that are wired with a contact the alarm will be triggered, and after those couple of seconds go by and the code has not been entered the alarm will sound. After the alarm has begun to sound 3 things can be arranged to happen. 1) You and only you can be notified, 2) A monitoring company who will notify whomever you would like, 3) Last but certainly not least the intruder, 9 out of 10 times, will take the hint and leave in a hurry. Now if you have the monitoring company notifying the police and the intruder is moronic enough to stick around he will be apprehended and you will have justice. See, if you think an alarm system may not be worth it you will regret it when something irreplaceable is stolen or damaged in the process of an intrusion in your home. If you were to put one in place in your home it is a win-win situation. Your home and belongings are not violated, and an intruder is deterred from robbing your house, because now they know your home is protected by a Security Alarm System.


After searching on Google for “Home Break-Ins 2014” these are a few brief news clippings that I came across:

In Orange County, cops who were investigating a string of home break-ins at the beginning of 2014 made an arrest of four teenage males, one of which had served adult prison time and recovered jewelry and several missing items. The boy who previously served adult jail time was sent to Orange County Jail to face additional adult charges. As for the rest of the boys, two of them 16, one of them 17 were escorted to the Orange Regional Juvenile Detention Center. Local police watched a black Cadillac, suspected of being involved in other home break-ins, leave a local neighborhood and as they approached a gas station and were pulled over and arrested.

In related news, a trial was set to be held in March 2014 of two defendants accused of murdering an Orlando resident, which began as a simple breaking and entering. As the defendant tried to steal Manuel Ray’s designer watch off his wrist he allegedly shot him in the forehead during the struggle.

There are a million reasons why an alarm system should be in place in every home or business. Your home is where you go to escape, to escape the stress, to escape the people in your life you may not want to be bothered by. Whatever you are escaping from, your home is where you escape it for the majority of people. However there is one thing you cannot escape. That is the threat of a your home being violated and broken into. Unless you have an alarm system that is. With an alarm system in place in your home you can be rest assured that nobody will be breaking into your house successfully, and if they do they will not be sticking around very long once your alarm sounds. If you do not get an alarm system think of the things you are willing to risk. Those baby pictures of your only boy when he was a child, or that one special thing in your home that may not be worth stealing to an intruder, but may mean the world to you. These are both things you are gambling with every single day you do not have an alarm system installed into your home or business. Stop gambling with precious parts of your life and have an alarm system installed today. Visit our website at or give us a call at 866.573.8878 to find out more.

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