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Best Choice For A Commercial Security Camera

There is no way that anyone can tell a business owner what the best choice for a commercial security camera is, because there are so many variables. Come explore some of the available options with us and learn what considerations we feel are the most important.

Parking Lot Security

The best place to start determining the best choice for commercial security cameras is outside the business. Currently, only 17 percent of the crimes that happen in parking lots are captured on footage recorded by commercial security cameras. This is an alarming statistic, because many violent crimes occur in parking lots and the court system has found many business owners at least partially responsible for these crimes.

Installation of Commercial Security Cameras

Most parking lot cameras are installed in one of two places or both. Either they are installed on the roof of the building or they are installed on the same poles with lights. The security cameras on lights can be large, fixed cameras that are set to record all the time. They can also domed lights that record the action directly under them. The advantage of using these large stationary cameras is that the sight of them is often a deterrent to crime. Signs can also be posted to alerting people to the fact that these cameras are in use. In fact, in some locations, it is the law that these signs be posted.

How Many Commercial Security Cameras

When choosing these cameras, several factors need to be taken into consideration. The first question that should be asked is how many cameras the business needs. In most situations, the business will need more than one. A security camera should cover each area of your parking lot so make sure to figure this in your calculations or have a security expert look at the lot.


The second question that a business owner needs to ask is how the cameras will be protected from the weather. Many security cameras are not built to withstand wind, rain, snow, hail and other elements of the weather. It is important to provide adequate housing for the cameras to operate properly. It is also important to know at what temperatures your camera will no longer operate properly. Many security cameras do not operate well in extremely cold temperatures or in extremely hot temperatures. Also, make sure to note if the housing you are considering will cause fogging conditions in front of the camera.

Type of Commercial Security Cameras

The third question that a business owner needs to consider when looking for the best choice for a commercial security camera is the type of cameras. Some cameras will only record in daylight conditions, while other cameras have great day and night capabilities. Other cameras rely on infrared conditions to take the picture when absolutely no light is present.

Resolution of Commercial Security Cameras

The fourth question that a business owner needs to consider is the camera’s resolution. The more resolution that is available, the clearer the footage will be. The more resolution, the more details of the photo can be enlarged. For some business owners, a smaller resolution, which is cheaper, will be an adequate choice. For other businesses, it will be important to buy a camera with a larger resolution.

Monitoring Footage

The fifth consideration is how the recorded footage will be monitored. For some businesses, it will make sense to have a people on staff that is responsible for monitoring the security system at all times. For others, it will be more prudent to hire a monitoring system. Whichever choice is made, it is important to consider how long you want to keep the footage. Once the footage is erased, it is gone forever and with it the evidence that the footage provides.

Built-in Memory

The sixth consideration is rather you want the camera to store the footage on the camera as well as send it to a recording device. While cameras with built-in memory will generally be more expensive, the footage will be recorded even if something interferes with the signal. If the business owner decides to record at the camera, it is important to consider how large a memory card is needed in the camera.

Point/Tilt and Zoom

The most popular choices in parking lot cameras are fixed, but for some users, a point tilt and zoom camera makes a better choice. These cameras can be controlled from a remote location, and motion can be followed often providing better details.

Watching the Footage of a Commercial Security Camera

A last consideration is how the footage will be recorded and viewed. Many choices exist, but the most popular is with a stand-alone DVR unit. Other choices include viewing it on a computer monitor or on a smartphone.

Entrance Camera Considerations

After the business owner has made the right choices for the parking lot, then it is time to move to the entrance. Many of the same considerations exist when considering the best choice for a commercial security camera at the entrance to a building. Those choices include:
The type of camera
• Protection from Weather
• Type of Camera
• Camera’s Resolution
• Monitoring
• Storage of Footage
• Fixed or PTZ
• Viewing options

Point/Tilt and Zoom Entrance Commercial Security Cameras

For many business owners, the best type of camera to put at entrances is a high-resolution point tilt zoom cameras. These cameras can be panned to follow the action of a person leaving the store, which is especially useful in the case of a shoplifter. These cameras can also be tilted to see packages that are left at the door. These cameras can also be zoomed to see details of a scene better.

Commercial Security Cameras Inside the Business

After the business owner has decided the best choice for a commercial security camera on the outside of their business is, then it is time to move inside the business. Owners of businesses have more choices in cameras to be used inside their businesses. These cameras are useful for catching the action throughout the store.

Commercial Security Cameras on the Retail Sales Floor

Business owners can choose from many types of cameras on the retail sales floor. Like choosing the camera for the outside, no one can tell a business owner exactly what the best choice for a commercial security camera.

Type of Commercial Cameras

The first decision that needs to be made is the type of camera. When considering indoor cameras the business owner has more choices that may fit their needs than most customers choose in outdoor cameras.

Box Commercial Security Cameras

The first type of commercial security camera is the box camera. These lenses on these cameras can be changed to adjust to the changing needs of a business. These cameras can be wired or wireless giving the owner lots of flexibility. The large size of these cameras can act as a deterrent for crime. In certain circumstances, customers can view these cameras as intrusive.

Dome Commercial Security Cameras

The second type of commercial security camera is the dome camera. These cameras usually mount flat against the ceiling, making them hard to detect. Many dome cameras take footage that is a 360 degree image of what is occurring under the camera, which can be hard for some people to interpret.

Bullet Commercial Security Cameras

The bullet commercial security camera is another choice for use in areas where customers are located. These cameras are shaped like a tube of lipstick. They can be pointed in any direction allowing owners to catch the action in areas that they want to see the most. They are small so customers often see these cameras as unobtrusive.

Point Tilt and Zoom Commercial Security Cameras

Just like the point tilt and zoom camera at the entrance, it is relatively easy to catch specific action with these cameras. Therefore, a suspicious customer can be followed throughout the store without knowing that they are being watched. It is easy to zoom these cameras in to see the specifics of a situation.

Covert Commercial Security Cameras

These cameras can be hidden throughout a business and no one may even know that they are there. They can be hidden in plants, in clocks and in cash registers. Often, even the workers do not know where these cameras are hidden. The cameras locations can even be changed on a regular basis depending on situations within the store.

Warehouse and Backroom Security Cameras

Just like in the retail sales space, various cameras are useful in the backrooms and warehouses of commercial establishments. Choose the right camera for the right situation. Make sure that the cameras are located to catch the action in all areas of the warehouse and backroom. More than one camera may be necessary.

No one can tell you what the best choice for a commercial security camera is on the Internet, because there are too many variables. Make sure to inquire of a professional until you are satisfied with the answers. Many Internet sites have prompt email services and chats to help you make the best choice for a commercial security camera. This guide has given you answers on how to make the best choice for a commercial security camera. Contact us today to learn what your best choice is for a commercial security camera.

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