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Box Security Cameras

As a ‘carry-over’ from the days of analog video security, digital box security cameras still exist today.  However, today’s box security camera has such great versatility and flexibility in function that it remains as one of the most popular if not the most popular digital video security camera in use today.

Box cameras are incredibly versatile in use because they come as basic camera bodies with no lenses, mounting hardware, or weatherproofing.  This provides versatility yet allows you to customize each camera for the environment in which it will be used.

Security Camera King offers three basic models from which to choose.  We’ll examine each of these models after we briefly describe how a digital video security and surveillance system works.

Box security cameras are just one component of a digital video security system.  The other two major components are the Digital Video Recorder or DVR and the monitor.  These systems are usually component systems meaning that the equipment components are somewhat standardized so that one manufacturer’s camera will work properly with a different manufacturer’s DVR and so on.  THis alone provides a working atmosphere for powerful systems with great versatility in use.

In a basic digital video security system, the camera’s responsibility is convert reflected light waves of images into electronic images such that they may be stored on a digital storage medium or monitored in real time.  Box security cameras work great for this purpose.

The camera has a lens that has a particular field of vision (the area that the lens can “see”).  The function of the lenses is to gather the reflected light image and focus it on a light sensitive chip that is about 1/4 inch or 1/3 inch square.

The sensor used is either a Charged Coupled Device or CCD or a Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor or CMOS.  Although these chips work a little differently, they produce the same results; electronic pulses that can be measured and used to create digital video images.

After analyzing the results of the sensor the electronic information goes through several electronic Integrated Circuit chips (IC chips) to improve quality, correct white/black balance, and many other fine tuning options.  The signal then travels through an analog to digital IC chip that converts the data into total binary or digital information that is then sent to the DVR via a video transmission cable.

The DVR further processes the data by running it through a COmpression/DECompression or CODEC utility which shrinks the size of the large file but maintains quality of the video footage.  The latest and most efficient CODEC in use today is the H.264.

Now, considering the above process, we can see how plain box security cameras become so powerfully versatile.  They can accept a variety of lenses with a variety of focal lengths which means they can provide a shot that could range from a wide angle shot to a zoomed in telephoto shot.  They can be used indoors with no weatherproofing or used outdoors with weather proofed housings that protect them from the elements.  Finally, if the camer is used indoors an economically priced standard mounting bracket may be used; outdoors the previously mentioned weather proofed housing has its own mounting bracket.

Security Camera King offers three different models of box security cameras from which to choose.  The following is a summary description of each.



Product# BC-EL600

This is one of Security Camera King’s elite series products and comes with a full 2 year warranty.  The camera features incredible resolution at 600 TVL using a Sony Super HAD II 1/3 inch CCD.  The camera also comes with a built in on screen display that makes the set-up configuration easy.  The camera has a very low Lux rating (it can see in very low light conditions) and has a Wide Dynamic Range feature that automatically takes care of any lighting issues.



This camera is basically the same as the previous camera with the major difference being how it handles power.  While the previous camera uses only 12 VDC, this camera can use either 12 VDC or 24 VAC.


540 TVL High-Speed License Plate Capture Camera

Product# VSSC-54CDNR-90

As the name implies, this box security camera is a high speed license plate capture camera, capable of capturing license plates on vehicles moving up to 90 mph.  It is also infrared (IR) sensitive so when combined with an IR illuminator it can also function at night.

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