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How to complement your CCTV security system with various accessories

Buying a CCTV security system is a big thing and should not be taken lightly. Knowing which DVR or NVR to purchase is vital, and knowing the cameras you need to do the job is of equal importance. This being said making sure everything is up to your standards of operation can mean you need some accessories. These are all steps in creating a custom security camera system package. Go to to get started and once you’ve figured out the right recorder and cameras to do the job, start thinking about the things that will make it easier, more efficient, and less stress on your end.

Once you have the basics figured out, we can get started on getting you a package to meet your needs. There are more than a few accessories that can maximize the way you use your system starting with video storage. This comes in extremely handy when you need to go review footage. Personally I don’t see the point in having a full security camera system without a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or in simpler terms a hard drive. Why have the nice recorder and all the cameras if you can’t go back and view footage if needed. Say you have this system recording your home and while you’re away someone breaks in. Now, what good is that system if you can’t go back to previously recorded footage to help the police find the perp. This is why you need a hard drive. Well we have you covered with a variety of 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, and also a 4TB drive. 250 GB being the least amount of storage and 4TB being the most amount of storage.

DVR Hard Drive

Getting into Video Transmission could make your life much much easier. The best way to sum this and keep it short and sweet is this. Wouldn’t it be nicer to run cheaper cable and still get the same quality? Well this is possible through the use of a Balun-V, look it up on It is very handy how its used. You can buy Cat5 Ethernet cable and run power and video from an analog DVR to an analog camera all on one cable. Same concept as PoE (Power over Ethernet) being able to run power over a network cable for IP cameras. You will need a pair of these Balun-V’s per every camera you purchase. Connect your BNC from the camera to the Balun along with your power connector, then your Cat5 will run from that balun to the second balun which will then connect the BNC from the Balun to the DVR. This allows you to buy Cat5 which is cheaper than Siamese cable. We also have a Balun-TP216, which is a 16 channel passive balun transceiver, simply put you can do the same thing as a Balun-P up to 1000 feet of Cat5. Video Transmission is a great tool when saving money or for installers who get a job with existing Cat5 cable, now you don’t have to run new wire.

While we are on the topic of cable another thing to think about is our pre-made plug and play Video/Power Cable. If you know how much of a hassle it is to make the cable yourself and didn’t want to have our warehouse guys do it for you then a plug and play would be your best bet. It is a pre-made cable that come in the lengths of 3’, 25’, 50’, 100’, 100’ w/ Audio, 150’, and 150’ w/ Audio. Now say you needed an abnormal footage like 35’ or 80’, you could order cable by the foot and we will pull the footage you need along with the male power lead (PT-4), the female power lead (PT-3), and all the connectors. In this situation you can elect to have us make the cable for you or ship it all to you and you can make the cable. We have the same offers for Cat5 and 6. We carry Cat5 and Cat6 100’ pre-made patch cables along with 7’. Same goes for network cable in the sense of odd footages we will pull it for you and you can elect to have it made or not. We also just recently just added something I believe to be quite unique to our inventory. A roll of 500’ Cat5 Siamese cable with 18/2 power cable. So for all of your cabling needs whether they be camera related or not we have more than got you covered.

One of the neat things about some of our cameras is they can see at night. This is possible through the use of IR (Infrared), although this is a great thing some cameras do not have the IR built into the unit but can still see it. There are a few cameras that can not do either, but that’s besides the point. The cameras that are able to see IR just not produce it are still a great tool. We offer an IR Illuminator, this is not a camera whatsoever, all it does is produce the IR for the camera to see. Best way to explain it is as follows, the IR illuminator works with the camera at night the way a flood light works with the human eye at night. People walking by in the dark will still see darkness, but that camera will see everything in its sight. Two different illuminators are currently in stock and they offer either 100’ of IR or 300” of IR. Don’t let that cameras ability to see the IR go to waste, get the proper accessory and it could be a huge benefit to you.

This was merely a brief introduction to the accessories that are available to all our customers, give one of our sales experts a call at 866.573.8878 and let them help you find the right product. Or if you feel that you are capable of figuring it out go ahead and visit our website anytime, If you run into any questions while browsing, such as how a certain accessory would work with your current system feel free to chat one of our expert tech support agents and see if they can shed some light on your issue. So whenever you’re ready go to our website and start your search under the “Security Camera Accessories tab”.

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