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Do I Need A Weatherproof Security Camera?

Do I Need A Weatherproof Security Camera?

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When you make the decision to protect your home, you need to enlist the assistance of an outdoor surveillance camera. You will find an ample amount of benefits to installing one of these cameras on your home. The best part of all is that they are extremely affordable for the average consumer.

What is an Outdoor Security Camera?

You may find that there are numerous options for security systems on the market today. Some of the options are not even the real deal. They are designed to look authentic, but in reality, they are not able to function as a security system at all. There are wireless security cameras to choose from, which will not require a bunch of wires to get them connected and operational. Anyone who is worried about numerous wires running throughout their home will love the ease of use in a wireless security system.

Security cameras that are capable of functioning can help to deliver the images onto your television screen. You can always program the security system to send the pictures onto a computer monitor or laptop computer if you desire. All of the pictures are recorded, which allows you to use them as a form of evidence later on down the line if needed.

Advantages in an Outdoor Security System

Before you decide which security system to purchase for your home, you will want to determine what your level of security is for your home. Initially, you will want to ask whether your home is in a high crime jurisdiction. If so, you will want to make sure you have a security system monitoring the outside of your home.

Fake cameras are another great option to incorporate around your domicile. Since they look much like the real thing, they are a great deterrent to numerous burglars. They are visible on the outside of the home, which means that intruders will think twice about making their way to your home. These cameras are the cheapest way to go, which is why many people with a limited budget will opt for these cameras instead of spending money on alternative methods.

If you are concerned that fake cameras are not going to prevent an intruder from getting into your home, you will want to embark upon the more hi-tech versions in a security camera. You can implement wireless or wired security systems in no time at all. Anyone who wants to receive continual monitoring and support will need to pay a fee to enlist the services of a professional. In the event a burglar does make their way into your home, they will do their part to alert the authorities and get someone onto the scene in a matter of minutes.

Most of the time, you will get a security system that records video in black and white. However, you always have the option of purchasing one that records in color instead. These cameras help to provide you with substantially increased results. You may have realized that you have numerous options of which to consider for securing your residence. It is imperative that you understand what you are doing before you make the decision as to which camera to purchase. Look through all of the reviews and information online to help you determine what camera is going to work the best for your needs.

Why is an Online Review Important?

Online reviews tend to provide you with everything you wanted to know about a security camera in one convenient location. From the positives to the negatives and everything in-between, you are sure to get a complete overview of what each model has to offer you. When you compare the various makes and models available, you will be able to make a choice based upon common sense information.

Choosing an Outdoor Security Camera

One of the most important methods to controlling the safety and security of your home revolves around an outdoor security camera. No potential intruder wants to be caught in the act of vandalizing or robbing your home, which is why these cameras are of the utmost importance. Intruders want to enter a home without a security system in place. Outdoor wireless cameras are an excellent way to protect your home against a potential invasion or vandalism.

Security Cameras: Who Needs Them?

Many people often believe that their home is not large enough to draw the attention of a burglar. That is the farthest thing from the truth. Any home that appears to be unprotected is a prime target for a burglar. When you look at the shape of the economy, it is easy to see why crime is affecting numerous individuals around the country. Studies indicate that almost three-quarters of the nation have noticed an increase in crime. Homeowners are switching to outdoor security systems to help protect their home from any potential invasions.

Business owners who purchase a piece of property as a way to benefit from the rental income are switching to outdoor security cameras to make sure they are protected. If the tenant does not feel safe and secure, they are not going to be as apt to pay much for the piece of property. On the other hand, if you have a tenant that feels secure, they are going to pay much more for the rent thanks to the added comfort. Surveillance systems help protect your business from any potential vandalism or theft. Properties that are located in smaller industrial locations pose a significant target for losing valuable electronic items or any inventory on the inside of their property.

Various Types of Security Cameras

Fixed Security Cameras

Fixed security cameras prove to be one of the more popular choices in an outdoor security system, as well as the least expensive.

Bullet Cameras

These cameras are sleek in appearance and mounted onto a hard surface outside of your property. They are always visible to the intruder. Depending on what your budget is, you can get one of these cameras for around $50 or more. When you start spending around $150 or more, you will find the camera comes equipped with night vision capabilities, enhanced resolution and extended range of viewing.

Dome Cameras

These cameras are extremely compact and adapt to both inside and outside conditions. Since they have an extremely small profile, they are easily hidden out of sight. Dome cameras can range from something relatively inexpensive to that of a top-notch system. Depending on the features you incorporate into your security system, the prices will vary accordingly.

Wireless Outdoor Cameras

One of the newest pieces of technology is the wireless security cameras. Wireless security cameras can be mounted anywhere outside as long as there is a radio signal available. Images can be transferred onto a computer, digital video recorder or laptop for later viewing. A key advantage to this type of system is that you have the added convenience of moving your device to numerous locations. Most of the time, the unit will have the sufficient signal availability to transfer the unit wherever you need it to go. Some of the units will encounter interference issues with Internet routers that are wireless and cordless phones. Depending on the range of your system, the price will reflect accordingly.

Key Features to Lookout for in Your Security Camera

Picture Resolution and Quality of Video
The models on the higher end of the scale will end up providing you with an exceptional picture quality. If your camera needs to capture minute details, this will be the perfect opportunity to purchase a security camera with exceptional picture resolution. When you purchase a camera on the lower end of the scale, you can expect to receive graininess in the overall picture quality. Some of the outdoor cameras are capable of handling interference from light. Middle line models will often have color features, but there are some with black and white resolution.

Distance Range

If you plan to use multiple cameras, you may be able to get away with only a limited range of viewing. Single cameras with progressive scan will add to the total cost of the camera, but they will offer you with an enhanced range of viewing. Several of the camera manufacturers are able to offer you adjustable zoom and range of motion in a security system.

Consumption of Power and Transmission

The lower the level of frequency you have in your camera, the higher the transmission will be for penetration quality. The 5.8 GHz models will provide you with an enhanced distance, but they may end up being obstructed with objects and exterior walls. Newer models are able to limit the amount of power your system consumes.

Day Vision and Infrared Technology

Models offering infrared capabilities can help capture images during the daytime and nighttime. Some of the styles offer you protection around the clock, which are suitable for viewing any time of the day or night.

Motion Sensor

One of the most cost effective methods for protecting your area is to record only if there is movement in the area. When you use motion detectors to monitor your recording, it helps to limit the amount of power and space your system uses for capturing images.

Exterior Features

Outdoor security cameras need to handle the fierce weather conditions that may come along. When you have a security system outside, it needs to be equipped with weatherproof housing. This way you will never have to worry about your security system being damaged from the various elements that come along. It helps to keep your home safe and protect your investment. Another way to prevent having to replace your unit is to get one equipped with anti-vandalism features on it. Not only are they desirable, but they also work to keep the money in your pocket.

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