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Hidden Cam for Every Home

Are you in search of a hidden cam to keep your property safe and undisturbed, without being completely obvious to perpetrators?  Security Camera King is here to assist you with the hidden cam you know is necessary.  Each of the devices in the article photo are actually hidden camera’s found at Security Camera King!  If you’re trying to find a camera that stays out of view, you’re lucky to be in our bright new year of 2017.  Crime rates may be up, but so is the potential and functionality of your technology and devices used to prevent that crime from taking root in your life.  Long ago, even as few as ten years ago in as a matter of fact, it was highly difficult for the average everyday homeowner to seek out, let alone afford a well-functioning wireless hidden cam for their homes or small businesses.  You had to be a pretty well known, or in better words wealthy, business in order to find your own hidden cam.  Now however, they’re absolutely everywhere, and affordably so due to their availability.  Parts for the hidden cam, as well as so many of our other devices, can be less expensively made as they are widely dispersed compared to when they were first put out on the market, to the point that pretty much anyone can get their hands on one in this day and age.  At Security Camera King, we offer the hidden cam in pretty much every form, whether you’re looking for a hidden cam disguised as a fan, car key, or pen- we’ve got you covered!

With the added benefit of no wires showing, you hidden cam can really be placed anywhere as well, without giving criminals the idea that you do have a security camera around in the first place, simply so they can break it and commit the crime regardless.  The common cliche for thievery when it comes to films, after all (typically from the 90’s…if you can call flicks from that era “films”), is a criminal putting their face directly in the camera’s view to cover it with a nice thick layer of black spray paint.  People nowadays are a  bit more crafty than that cinematic common thief, covering themselves up from head to toe, bashing the security camera (we offer vandal proof camera’s!) with whatever they can find so as to barely leave it with recording to view.  

A hidden cam stops instances such as that in their tracks.  Setting up a camera in your home if you often require a babysitter, and want to be sure your child is well and staying safe.  It’s not unusual to be weary of new visitors in your house, especially if they’re around your important personal possessions unsupervised.  You may ask “why not just have a camera out in the open so the perpetrator knows they’re being watched, as opposed to having a hidden cam”?  You want a hidden cam in your house because without a hidden cam, perpetrators will purposely commit their illegal deeds out of the direct view of the camera.  Catch them on tape to give you the peace of mind knowing who does and who doesn’t belong in your own home.  

Even at work, if you’re a boss or a manager and items repeatedly keep going missing, there’s no harm in getting a security cam for your office space or business, and quite frankly, they won’t do it if they know they’re on camera, and you’ll never know which of your employees had betrayed your trust in the past.  So invest in the hidden cam, find your most trustworthy and hardworking employees vs your not exactly hard working employees with a top of the line hidden cam.  

With today’s hidden cams, you don’t have to worry about all of the disadvantageous places to put them.  There’s no longer a requirement for an actual power source do to all of the wireless advancements being made today.  Nearly every piece of technology we have now is wireless- our music devices (ipods and mp3 players back in the day), our cellular devices, and even printers.  Most young children in today’s world can barely identify what a telephone plus is, let alone be able to identify one.  This goes so far as to happen in everyday establishments- even hospitals.  Recently a friend was admitted to a hospital in North Georgia, and to get into contact, I assumed I’d be calling a landline.  In actuality, it turned out certain staff members walked around and took calls on cellphones they then delivered to the patient being called.  That being said, not even hospitals take calls on devices with wires, so why should your hidden cam have them?  With the enormous amount of advancements occurring everyday in our modern society, there’s no sense in going without your own hidden security guard in the form of a wireless security cam.  

All over the world, there are different types of environments everywhere you go.  You’ll find bustling cities full of an enormous amount of inhabitants.  These areas, complete with apartments layered on top of one another, alley ways for a criminal to easily run into in order to lose police off their trail, and the twists and turns of the city, often come complete with high crime rates, unfortunately.  Here in Boca Raton, the heart of South Florida, you rarely can even drive more than five miles without bumping into a police officer.  Even at a place as peaceful as the beach or boardwalk, it’s not unusual to find an officer’s car stationed along the side of the road on the way there.  

At the other end of the spectrum, comes country life.  That means wide open fields and backyards of inhabitants living far from one another, a pitch black darkness those of the continuously lit city are unfamiliar with, and a relatively low crime rate.  The issue here is not the fortunate irregularity of crime, but the unfortunate absence of the number of police officers one is used to while in the city.

That being said, you sincerely need a hidden cam no matter the type of surrounding you may live in- there is regrettably crime everywhere, and in these modern times it is unnecessary to go without a hidden cam, or even a security camera in general.  Large businesses, small houses, and even apartments are equipped with security cameras.  Do you need 24/7 protection?  Purchase a security cam with Security Camera King today!        

Hidden Cam