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Night Vision Security Camera- Do You Need One?

There are plenty of available methods to keep your home safe during daylight hours.  The sun for one is occasionally a deterrent for crime, although 65 percent of burglary of homes does occur during the day.  That still leaves thirty five percent of the day left completely unprotected- a night vision security camera may be the answer to this.  To those committing burglaries or vandalism, doing so under the cover of darkness have enormous advantages.  In the past, there was so little anyone could do in order to catch the crook, and eventually with luck get their stolen property back or even simply hold those accountable who were responsible for any damage.  

There are actually tons of statistics based in the study of sociology on how crimes typically work.  You may think because you aren’t any kind of big business you should be relatively safe from burglary, or because you are in a residential area your home will be dismissed when it comes to criminal activity.  This is unfortunately not the case, as residential break ins are on the higher end of the break in spectrum in general, at a whopping sixty five point eight percent!  Most importantly for this topic, homes without security cameras, including those without a night vision security camera, are up to three times greater potential to suffer a break in.

Although it was earlier mentioned that burglaries and criminal activity typically occur in the broad daylight while you’re away at work, it is possible for burglaries to happen at night while asleep as well, and not to inspire fear, but assaults are included in those possibilities as well.  A night vision security camera would not only give you the peace of mind if you endure the terror of night time burglary, but will help keep burglars off the street.

There are actually plenty of neighborhoods that invest in both regular and night vision cameras to keep the entire neighborhood as a whole safe.  For example recently a neighborhood found in Louisiana that invested in sixteen cameras to place all throughout their neighborhood in order to discourage break ins from occurring.  It was in the neighborhood known as Soulard- community members were aware of all the benefits a security camera or night vision security camera offers by way of a safer neighborhood.

That being said, not only, when you invest in a night vision security camera, are you investing in your own safe home, you are also dedicating effort to improving the safeness of your entire community.  And this investment springs back upon you as well, creating an overall safety investment that falls back on itself when you decide to purchase a night vision camera.      

Night vision security cameras, of course, aren’t only used for residential areas of course, but are extremely applicable in the world of law enforcement. Night vision in general allows someone for law to have a step up on criminals that may operate on a technology not as far advanced.  If you need solid evidence of something to bring to court, and it’s based on a crime that continuously occurs at night, the night vision security camera is the way to go.

In modern times, night vision is finally more affordable than ever before.  The development of the original night time photography is extremely interesting; as with most technology, it didn’t start up as a one-step process.  The first phones had the rotary dials (such inconvenience with a whole extra step!).  Skateboards even used to had the insane extravagance of having to push oneself forward with one’s foot- thank goodness we have the hoverboard now.  And night vision security cameras, back then just used for simplistic yet artistic photography in the 70’s, took at lot more than just a call to Security Camera King’s Installations department in the early 1900’s.  In order to get the images, a plate was developed by Richard L. Maddox that put an end to the rather chaotic process of the wet plate.  So when you install that security camera- you know exactly who to thank.

Luckily, we later decided to apply this mechanism of night vision into night vision security cameras.  Typically, the night vision security camera relies on infrared vision, based on infrared light.  Think of all the cheesy, aged spy movies and their fancy infrared cameras!  If James Bond has an infrared camera, why shouldn’t you?

The night vision security camera has to do with the way our eyes perceive light, much of the information we were probably taught in high school physics and promptly forgot.  Infrared light is unable to be picked up with our human eyes- there is, in reality, a large amount of light coming in, but we can’t see it.  Revisiting this lesson as an adult is adding more fuel to my “those ghost shows have no basis at all” theory.  Anyway, this no light-light allows us the power to see in the dark, like so many of our animal pals, in order to catch the crooks that may have eluded us in the past.   

Last, there are of course non-criminal uses for your night vision security camera.  Put it in the baby’s room to keep an eye on them at night, in the front yard to see if little masked, furry thieves have commandeered your trash can, or in the case of a few ranchers in Montana, on your cows.  

A recent story explained just that.  Spring is historically, and theatrically, the best time for babies to make their way onto this Earth.  Occasionally, little baby cows need help from the ranchers to safely do so- but our modern night vision security camera has changed the stress which sometimes consumes the rancher to bring the calf into the world.  As opposed to constantly going out into the cold and dark evening/morning, they are able to take a look at their monitor, and see if there’s anything serious they really need to tend to- like a calf coming into the world that needs their rancher care and skill.

All of that being said, the night vision security camera has so many uses, whether personal for your home security, or for your business.  Keep the neighborhood safe, keep your home safe, keep your business safe, and choose the night vision security camera to stay monitored every hour of the day.  If none of this applies to you however, you can always begin your own ghost hunting show with your night vision security camera.  Happy hunting!

Night Vision Security Camera

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