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Choosing a Day & Night Security Camera

Choosing the best day and night security camera to protect your business, property, or home is now easier than ever. The number of security cameras equipped with day and night vision has not only increased dramatically, but the technology and capabilities have also been greatly improved on, as well. Gone are the days where the most you can expect from a day and night security camera is dark, shadowy, or grainy surveillance footage.

With the advancements in night vision technology, increased infrared distance, motion detection, intrusion, and other key components and features, proactive surveillance is finally here. And online security camera distributors like Security Camera King make day and night security cameras available to everyone, no matter how big or small your security budget is.

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Tips for Choosing the Best Day / Night Security Camera

Night vision security camera systems are suitable for most settings and environments. Keeping your home or business protected 24/7 means being able to see what is happening after the sun goes down. It also means being able to identify anyone present during a theft, criminal act, or suspicious event.

But before you buy a new day and night security camera, there are a few things to keep in mind. Let’s take a look at some of the key things to consider before purchasing day and night security cameras online.

Decide whether you want a black and white security camera or a color security camera.

Though color video surveillance is usually the preferred choice, black and white security cameras can be extremely useful in low-light settings and environments. A black and white night security camera system can provide comparable or even better resolution than many color security cameras for less cost. But without color, it is more difficult to identify certain physical traits (such as hair color, clothing, car color, etc.).

Choose your preferred surveillance system connectivity type.

Wired Surveillance Systems

Wired systems are the norm for large settings too vast to be covered with a single network connection. One of the key advantages of a wired system is it provides users typically higher resolution images and surveillance footage. However, wired systems are usually more conspicuous and can be seen by anyone trying to purposely avoid detection.

Wireless Surveillance Systems

Wireless surveillance systems are a budget-friendly option and are fairly easy to install and set up. Digital wireless signals are not able vulnerable to signal interference and provide owners with added audio and video output. A wireless CCTV system is most suitable for settings completely covered by the signal. However, their ideal settings require a clear line of sight between the transmitter and receiver. Trees, branches, and other foliage can cause interference problems and potentially interfere with the signal.

IP Network Systems

Internet protocol or IP network systems connect security camera systems by utilizing a computer router. Each camera is recognized as a separate device by the connecting router. A key advantage to IP network systems is the added remote accessibility. This means being able to log in and view your surveillance footage remotely via laptop, computer, tablet, smartphone, or other network-connected devices.

Click here to learn more about IR IP night security camera systems.

Affordable Security Solutions

Choose from an indoor or outdoor surveillance system.

Indoor Surveillance Systems

Indoor surveillance systems do not need the added weatherproof protection that outdoor cameras are rated with. This translates to less overall cost but also means less versatility and functionality. However, many indoor cameras are designed to blend in with the room’s decor and can be hidden in inconspicuous locations to avoid detection.

Outdoor Surveillance Systems

Outdoor security cameras need to be waterproof, dustproof, and reliable during extreme weather conditions. Additionally, the security camera mounting setups must be able to withstand heavy winds while the lens itself needs shielding from battering rain or flowing water. Many outdoor cameras come equipped with an added hood to provide this extra protection from the elements.


Decide on the number of cameras you want to be included in your system.

Single-camera surveillance systems are pretty rare due to the limited range that one security camera provides. A high-tech night security camera comes equipped with many added features that permit it to do the same work as multiple fixed-point cameras.

However, this added functionality makes these cameras more expensive. For this reason, many people choose to implement a multi-camera surveillance system with multiple economy fixed-point cameras instead.

Compare light sensitivity charts and Lux illumination ratings.

Lighting conditions change in almost all environments. Outdoor security cameras might have direct sunlight for the majority of the day but no exterior lighting during overnight hours. Interior office and warehouse settings also change throughout the day. And there is even moonlight illumination to consider. Check out our comparative video of day and night IR cameras equipped with Starlight Technology below. 

Visit Security Camera King to shop online day and night security camera systems. You can find a number of day and night security camera reviews in our Learning Center along with helpful product tutorials and helpful guides. Be sure and check out our Video Vault to view more day and night security camera demos.

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Choosing a Day & Night Security Camera

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