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How to Backup Footage to a Flash Drive In this video I will show you how to backup footage from a DVR to your Flash drive.  The same procedure is for a DVD/CD.  It’s the same procedure the only thing is going to be that you have to use the DVD-R in order for you to record or to backup footage from the DVR.

To start we’re going to log into the DVR.

The first thing you’re going to do is plug in the Flash drive in this case because the Flash drive has to be formatted.  You’re going to plug it in to one of the USB ports on your DVR and go to the main menu, go to “Backup.”

Make sure that the device is showing up there or the Flash drive is showing up there make sure it is checked and hit “Erase.”

Confirm the format of the drive, ok, and the drive has been formatted to a partition that the DVR recognizes.  Click “OK,” right click to go to the main menu again and hit “Search,” here is the search interface

You’re going to click the little clock to open up the calendar, and you choose your date.  Automatically it will show the files that have been recorded based on the date.  If you want to be specific, it depends upon how your DVR is recording, in my case it’s recording 24/7 so you can be specific on the time if it’s recording based on motion.

If you wanted to look for something that happened at 9:50 you just put that time and if the DVR records something at that time it will show up here in this column over here.  So I’m going to have choose a different time, 9:00 AM, “All” is for all the events or all the type of files that you want to look for.  This portion over here is the channels that you can choose to look footage.  If you click the arrow you will see all the channels that your DVR has, if it has four it will show only four, if it has 16 it will show all the 16 channels.  I’m interested on channel one and channel two.  The rest you can mask by clicking this option here.  And this option over here will show you when you click play it will show you the four channels at the same time based on this time.  Only four channels whatever you specify here.  So if I specify 1,2,10, and 15 and choose this option four, when I hit play it will show four channels or four windows viewing based on this channels that I’m choosing here and based on this time.  Now in my case I don’t have any other cameras plugged in there and I can choose as well all.  So it will play all 16 channels in one window at this specific time.  And this option I cannot click on it because it’s basically going to show up footage based on this time when I hit play.  I can show right there . . .and there it is.  So go back up and right click and you go back to the main menu of the search.  I’m going to choose “Four” for the channels one and two.  I mean this option you have to choose four in order to choose every individual channel.  If you choose all this option you will no longer be able to click or choose whatever you want there.  So I’ll choose “Four” and choose the “Magnifying Glass” and there are my two footage.  Basically if you are interested in this two files that you want to back up you click this check…check these boxes over here and click the floppy drive.   Then make sure your USB disk is showing up here under device and just basically choose the files you want to backup, and just hit Start.  A progress bar will show up here.

Basically with the newer DVRs with the HDMI port and the newest firmware you don’t need the player to use on your computer.  The player will be downloaded to your Flash drive from the DVR itself.  So you can plug that into your computer and play the files right there.  If you don’t have the DVRs with the HDMI port you have to download the player in order for you to play those files that you downloaded to your Flash drive.  You can download this player by going to “” type on the search bar “player” and download that folder and just install it on your computer and you will be able to play the files on your computer.   So I’m just going to finish this video by saying this is easy to do the same procedure is with the CD or DVDs it will show up here of course using a DVD has more space up to at least four gigabytes if you are using a single layer DVD.  The DVDs have to be “-R” (DVD-R) we haven’t tested with the +R and actually we don’t recommend it to use a +R.  So if you are interested you can use DVD-R or any Flash drive with 2 Gigs or more of space.   I hope this has been informative for you and I would like to thank you for viewing.


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