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Benefits of IP Camera Systems 2020

Longer Range And Higher Resolution – One of the major benefits of IP camera systems 2020 is their superior resolution and range compared to analog CCTV camera systems. An effective security camera must be able to produce high resolution video footage in order to be effective. High resolution surveillance systems allow users to easily distinguish details.

The video quality of a security camera is an important factor to consider because it is essential in the event of a crime. A security camera system that produces high resolution images will help law enforcement solve crimes and apprehend those responsible. This can lead to recovering stolen property faster. 

Security cameras in IP camera systems 2020 are capable of reaching up to 30 megapixels when compared to the 1 megapixels in analog cameras. Additionally, the resolution will remain clear at longer ranges. Large and open properties can benefit from long range IP security cameras. IP surveillance systems can also offer users extremely useful features such as facial recognition, motion detection, thermal imaging, long-range night vision.

Wireless Connections And Remote Access

As previously mentioned, traditional CCTV security cameras require a complicated installation process. Users have to take into account any obstructions and distance from the DVR. An installation technician will also need to be hired. This only adds more hassle and money to the entire process. 

By contrast, IP camera systems 2020 are much more convenient to employ. IP security cameras rely on a wireless network to communicate with each other through central access points. Most IP security cameras are designed to easily be installed into the overall surveillance system. Adding new security cameras is also much easier than compared with CCTV analog surveillance systems. 

Users can easily modify their IP security camera system by changing camera locations, adding new cameras, and adding new features. One extremely convenient and helpful feature is the ability for users to view live camera feeds in real time from anywhere with a network connection. Secured video feeds can be accessed from tablets, laptops, and even smart phones. 

Choosing IP Camera Systems 2020

With advantages including easy scalability, high-resolution video feeds, and more, it is easy to see why IP camera systems 2020 have quickly surpassed their older counterparts. IP security cameras offer businesses, private, commercial, and residential properties a convenient and effective security solution. Although the price of traditional analog CCTV camera systems may seem tempting, it will only cost you more in the future. 

Most importantly, IP security cameras provide peace-of-mind with their innovative functions and capabilities. If you would like to learn more about IP security camera systems or would like to browse through an extensive online store, please visit Security Camera King today.

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IP Camera Systems 2020
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