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Comparing IP Camera Systems With Analog CCTV Systems

IP camera systems have surpassed analog CCTV systems in popularity due to the number of advantages they offer. Advancements in the video surveillance industry have made it easier and more effective than ever before to implement a video surveillance system. An IP security camera system is one such advancement. 

Capable of delivering advanced video analytics, remote accessibility, and high-definition video feeds, IP security cameras make a great investment. You may be wondering what makes an IP security camera system any better than traditional analog CCTV camera systems. The following article will detail how both systems work. 

Additionally, you will learn why security experts recommend IP video surveillance systems over analog CCTV systems. If you would like to learn more or are interested in speaking with a video surveillance expert, please contact Security Camera King today. 

Limitations Of Analog CCTV Systems

Poor Camera Resolution

Analog CCTV systems have been used for decades now to provide security. Everyone has at some point seen analog CCTV surveillance cameras. The major characteristic everyone can recall is the blurry, grainy, and dark images produced by these older camera systems. The poor camera resolution can make it almost impossible to identify important details. 

One reason for the poor video image quality is the coaxial cable connection. Additionally, analog CCTV cameras are only available with low megapixels. The low megapixel count causes the low-resolution images characteristic of analog CCTV camera systems. By contrast, even the most economic IP camera systems can provide high-resolution video images. 

You may be wondering why consumers continue to purchase these ineffective video surveillance systems? The major reason for this is the low cost nature of these systems. When it comes to safety and security however, you should never settle for cheap. 

Reduction In Range And Quality

As previously mentioned, analog CCTV systems are highly limited when it comes to video resolution. The quality of the video feed becomes much worse the farther away it is from its position. The limited range means it will be virtually impossible to identify any usable details even a hundred feet away. The only way to rectify this is by adding more security cameras to the overall system. 

In an analog CCTV video surveillance system, each new security camera will require the DVR to have more storage space. Each new analog security camera will also need to be physically hardwired into the overall system. The installation process can only be performed by a trained technician leading to higher costs. 

Although analog CCTV video surveillance systems are far cheaper than IP camera systems, you will end up paying much more in the future. 

Restriction In Camera Position

One of the most important factors to the success of any security camera system is camera position. Analog CCTV camera systems are highly restrictive when it comes to adding new security cameras or repositioning cameras in new locations. This is because the further away the analog security camera is from the DVR the more expensive the coaxial cable will be. 

The connection between the analog security camera and the DVR is also vulnerable to being tampered with. All these factors can make adding more analog CCTV cameras extremely challenging, expensive, and in some cases impossible.

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