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Is A Color Security Camera Better Than Black And White?

Is A Color Security Camera Better Than Black And WhiteMany people opt for a color security camera because it seems like they are used to their color televisions. If you are looking at purchasing a security camera, you will want to look into the numerous advantages of owning a color security camera over their black and white counterparts.

Color Security Cameras

One of the more obvious advantages of color cameras is that you are able to view your images in color. Not only is color more appealing to the user, but also it is also crucial when it comes time to identifying key components of a perpetrator. If they ask you what color clothing the individual is wearing or what color car they drive away in, you will have all of that information readily available. If you feel that you do not need color security cameras, you may learn there are a significant number of advantages of black and white cameras over their color counterparts.

Advantages to Color Security Camera

If you are planning to use your security camera inside of a retail setting, you may benefit substantially from using a color camera to identify any perpetrators. Color cameras help give you the identification you need to pinpoint the car that continues to throw garbage in your store parking lot or the shoplifter who ran out wearing a red shirt and blue jeans. In all reality, that is the main advantage to a color security camera over the others on the market.

Even though all of the security cameras are going to be different in terms of their size, type, operation mode and preference, there is always an inclination for people to turn toward color security cameras than their black and white counterparts. There is not a set rule as to whether an individual should choose a color camera or a black and white one. In the end, it all boils down to what your individual preference is, as well as what type of security solution you seek.

Color security cameras will provide you with a lot more interesting video than what a black and white camera can do. These cameras are a lot more enhanced because color can help to bring the definition to the object that you need. When you use a black and white camera, you will never have a fully detailed image when trying to prosecute the perpetrator. As an example, if you have teenage children who end up throwing a party inside of your home while you are away, you will be able to identify exactly what they are drinking with a color camera in place. This will help to eliminate any worries about your children drinking beverages that you do not approve of inside of your home.

It is all of the miniscule details that a typical color security camera can provide you. Color imagery helps to make all of your footage easier to view. These cameras are not going to be very different in their orientation. Just like all of the other security systems on the market, they are able to function in the same manner. When you purchase a surveillance system, you will receive the camera, digital video recorder, wires to plug the camera in, monitor and all of the other key components.

Whenever you are purchasing a security system, it is imperative to investigate all of the functions for the device in question. At times, the security systems will become corrupted and provide you with only a flash of high resolution colors, which will end up looking like that of an image sample that has been captured from any devices that radiate heat. Make sure to check for any interruptions and merger control on your security system. Your quality set should provide you with the level of satisfaction you need when spending a large amount of money on a security system to protect your home.

Performance in Low Lighting Conditions

When faced with low lighting conditions, color security cameras are not exactly ideal. You can always purchase an infrared camera that allows you to see in the darkness. Their field of vision is not intense during the nighttime viewing hours. Even though the infrared beam is not visible to the human eye, it tends to attract bugs. Spiders often love to build their webs around these cameras, which can cause your view to be obstructed. Remember that you will need to clean the viewing area of these cameras on a regular basis. If you plan to use a color camera in lighting conditions that are less than ideal, you will need to remember that most of these cameras will change into black and white viewing during the nighttime hours. If you are not in need of color security cameras for your viewing during low lighting conditions, you will want to look into a black and white camera due to the differences in their quality of image.

Advantages to Black and White Cameras650tvl Auto Zoom True Day/Night Color At Night Auto Zoom Vandal Dome

Even though the majority of color security cameras have a Lux rating of anywhere from one to four, you can purchase a black and white camera for a little more money with a Lux rating of 0.0003. Cameras with this intense of a Lux rating will be able to see in even the dimmest of lighting conditions. If there is a streetlight in the vicinity, the image will appear as if you are capturing the footage during the daytime. Low lighting conditions will provide a limited amount of noise to the cameras with this type of rating, which helps produce an increased image quality.

Since color security systems are able to provide an amazing image, they are often the top seller on the market today. When using a color security camera, you will be able to harness in-depth information that can help lead to the arrest of a perpetrator. You will be able to pinpoint their color of clothing, color of the car they drove away in and much more when you have a color security camera in place. Information from a color camera is based entirely upon the camera being provided with the proper amount of lighting. Essentially, you need a sufficient amount of lighting in order to get an accurate color video depiction.

Viewing the images in the evening is entirely different from during the daytime. Most of the time, your color camera will turn into a black and white recording in the evening hours. After a certain threshold is achieved, the lighting levels begin to diminish. Most of the modern day color security cameras have a circuitry that is built into them to help provide adequate lighting levels for the recording. Regardless of how great of a color security system you have, it will still only record in black and white during the evening hours.

Lower Cost

On average, black and white cameras are a lot cheaper than their color counterparts are. You may find a few exceptions to the rule because some of the black and white cameras are of exceptional quality. Since they are able to gather light in lower lighting situations, these cameras will end up costing a little bit more money to purchase. As a rule, color cameras will end up costing more money than the black and white units cost.

Lower Lighting Conditions Offer Brighter Imagery

When choosing between a black and white and color security camera, you will get the best images from the black and white cameras when faced with a limited lighting situation. However, you need to understand that some of the higher quality color cameras are going to be brighter than their counterparts, but you are going to end up paying a lot more money out of pocket. Image sensor chips within the higher quality color cameras to provide you with an enhanced nighttime viewing cost a lot more to manufacture. If you compare two similar models, you will find the black and white one to be better for nighttime viewing. Color cameras will require a specialized filter to help reduce the amount of light needed to reach the sensor.

Higher Resolution Capabilities

Since the black and white cameras have an enhanced resolution, their image will be much sharper than that of a comparable color security camera. Even though the reasons are more technical based, color cameras use the sensor resources to help detect the primary colors. Color cameras use the red, green and blue spectrum to identify the picture, while the black and white cameras only use gray coloring. This helps to use the full range of the sensor within the black and white cameras. It will not end up diverting a portion of its resources into picking up the varying formation of colors in the color cameras.

Even though color security systems are an excellent way to protect your business during the daytime, you have to remember the advantages to a black and white camera for evening use. When faced with low lighting conditions, you need to determine what is going to work best for your property.

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