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Why We Are The Leading Security Camera Supplier

When choosing a security camera supplier or access control system for your home or business, there are many things to take into account. The safety of your property and family is always the main concern, so you will want a system that lives up to this important job. You need system that is user friendly, reliable, and that has support in case anything does go awry. knows just what is at stake ad works tirelessly to provide you the best quality equipment and customer service. If you are looking to put in a security camera or access control system, there are many reasons to consider Security Camera King.

User Friendly

Once you have decided to order a system, you can call one of our onsite sales representatives. They will help you pick the best system for your property, recording and storage needs, and familiarity with security equipment. Once the equipment does arrive, our user friendly interfaces make it a breeze to install your new system. Our new Sibell line uses clear prompts to help you move through set up easily. Even those who have no security installation equipment can set up a Sibell camera or DVR. If you need to view your cameras, our app and web interface uses graphical icons to help you find just what you need. There is no other security camera supplier that offers a system quite as easy to use!


Security Camera King does not take the trust that you put in our products lightly. When the safety of your home or business is at stake, you are going to want equipment that works just as hard as you do. In order to ensure this, we take precautions at every step.

We test all of the products that we stock to make sure that they can stand up to our high quality standards. Each piece of equipment is carefully packaged to make sure that it arrives to you in the best condition possible. Our cameras, recorders, and access control equipment are built sturdy so that, once installed, they can hold up against everyday wear and inclement weather. We take all of these steps to help your equipment work when you need it to. However, sometimes things do go wrong. If you are having any issues with your system, you can call our free tech support line.

FREE Tech Support

In the event that you are experiencing any issues, has a free tech support line that you can call. Our U.S. based techs are available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 8pm EST. We offer tech support for the life of the product and will help you with any issues or questions that arise. Whether you are experiencing issues with initial installation or three years after the products have been installed, our tech support representatives will be there for you.

 The number for tech support is (866) 573-8878  at extension *300. If all of our technicians are on the phone at the time of your call, a live representative will take your information and alert the technicians to your call. Once they are available, they will call you and be happy to answer your questions and correct the issue. Don’t buy from a security camera provider who does not fully support their sales, buy from Security Camera King!

            When you consider just how important a security or access control system is, why would you trust the job to just anyone? is the leading security camera supplier for a reason! We back up our products %100 and always have you in mind. Give us a call at 866.573.8878 or browse our website to find a system that is perfect for you!

Security Camera Supplier

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