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Security Camera King doesn’t just sell digital video security systems, we also offer a full line of personal security products to help keep you safe and protected.  Unfortunately, as time continues so do the reports of individuals that have been burglarized, attacked, and even murdered.   Our full line of personal security products are chosen because they are simple to use, small and light weight to carry, and are effective at what they do.  In the following article we’ll list and describe some of the personal security products that Security Camera King has to offer.

Bear and Dog Repellent

Many people are familiar with the little canisters of dog repellent that the postmen carry on their belts, but bear repellent?   Definitely.   If you are an outdoorsman and frequently hike, rock climb, or simply go for walks in the woods this is a must.  We have had one customer purchase bear repellent so he could set out his garbage safely at night!

These products contain chemicals, usually mace and/or pepper extract that are enough to confuse the bear long enough until you can get away. Security Camera King’s “Guard Alaska Bear Spray” has been registered with the EPA as a repellent for all bear species.  It is endorsed by the Alaska Science and Technology Foundation.  This particular item has a maximum effective range of 20 feet, which is great.  Who’d want to pepper spray a bear at a distance of 2 feet?

Folding Knives

These knives are designed as personal security products that can open with using just one hand. Sleek, stylish, and extremely sharp, these knives could be used for just about anything.  They are tough, rugged, and offered at a very reasonable price as well.


When a suspect needs to be restrained, nothing can do the job better than a pair of handcuffs.  Security Camera King has double lock black cuffs, nickel plated cuffs, or double lock stainless steel handcuffs.  If you’re really seeking for some restraint, we also have locking thumb cuffs and leg cuffs.

Stun Guns

Nothing says “get away from me” better than a 300,000 to 3.5 million volt stun gun and Security Camera King has a large supply from which to choose.  Stun guns deliver a high voltage, low amperage charge all at once.  The attacker’s muscles absorb the charge the most causing instant depletion of blood sugar by changing it into lactic acid.  The result?  The attackers nerve impulses that direct the muscle are temporarily disabled causing loss of balance and control.  PLEASE NOTE: If the attacker is touching you at the time of discharge of the gun into the attacker, the electrical charge directed at the attacker stays with the attacker and will not flow into your body.

We have stun guns in a multitude of shapes sizes, and voltages that include cell phones, batons, flashlights, and knuckle blaster (fits on the hand like brass knuckles allowing you to deliver a punch that the attacker has probably never felt before.)

Mace Pepper Spray

Hey, if it’ll work on a bear, why not a human?  We’ve got all kinds of canisters of pepper spray including a complete line of leatherette holders.  Some of our spray canisters come in different looking containers than canisters.  FOr example we have Lipstick Pepper Spray (product# PS-LS), the “Pepper Pen” spray, and gold and silver generic sex rings that can deliver a shot of pepper spray.

Personal Alarms

We also offer a complete line of personal alarms in many shapes, sizes, and functions.  All of the alarms basically emit a loud high decibel piercing sound when activated.  These are some of the best personal security products available.

It includes window alarms, door alarms, purse alarms, individual activated alarms and many more.  Our Mace brand screecher is an aerosol driven alarm that can be used to notify others of trouble, ward off animals, etc.  We have alarms that look like normal key chains, alarms that have InfraRed (IR) sensors, and alarms that look like harmless UFO toys.  These can even be used  in places like desk drawers to alert of unauthorized entry.

One device in particular is extremely unique, the “Child Guard Panda.”  This is a proximity device that for which you determine the distance.  The child transmitter is a playful looking panda bear that is worn on the child’s wrist.  If the child wanders outside the area you have set, the alarm sounds. It works at distances from 6 to 30 feet.

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