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Security Camera Review

A security camera review from multiple business owner – John Visnoski.  How often do you purchase a business related product that you feel really good about?  Most business related purchases don’t solicit a great emotional response.  Recently I purchased a few security camera systems for our family run businesses at multiple locations.  Immediately we saw the impact these surveillance cameras systems had for our company’s bottom line.  The Dahua security systems are extremely user friendly.  This allowed all permitted employees an easy use to interface that gives twenty-four seven around the clock accountability.

security camera review

The first part of the security surveillance system we purchased was the network video recorder.  We already had existing security surveillance cameras that were part of the building.  The NVR4432-16P-4K  network video recorder from Dahua was recommended by a reputable security installation company.  Setup was brief since all the security camera wiring was already in place.  I was taken aback by the fact that I was already viewing footage within an hour of setup.  What really blew my mind was the level of theft happening at my stores.  Monitoring of employees was another overall positive aspect that surprised me.  An employee sleeping in the stockroom probably won’t stop much theft.

Security Camera Review

The Dahua NVR4432-16P-4K network video recorder had only a few minor glitches.  These gremlins were mainly due to the fact that some of these older security cameras were quite outdated.  Not the fault of the Dahua NVR4432-16P-4K network video recorder.  I was able to view all sixteen cameras and didn’t leave my desk for hours.  Even though the Dahua NVR4432-16P-4K is a 32 channel network video recorder we only had 16 cameras already in place.  Using the Dahua NVR4432-16P-4K was quite easy despite the fact that I’m not computer savvy and a complete smart device novice.  This didn’t limit me from figuring out how to make basic changes.  By day two I was changing configurations and getting into more advanced settings.  

I kept coming across a remote viewing option while I was tinkering with these different camera settings.  I thoroughly enjoyed perusing these cameras from my desk.  The ability to do remote viewing gave me a greater piece of mind.  These older cameras were not able to be configured for remote viewing.  After doing lengthy research the Google pundits all repeated a common theme.  When buying a security surveillance camera system it is best to purchase like branded products or ones listed as compatible by the manufacturer.  So for my Dahua NVR4432-16P-4K network video recorder I chose to use only Dahua related security surveillance products only.

Instead of purchasing all 16 IP cameras at once, I decided to do this in lots of four.  The idea was that it would give me extra time to configure and setup for optimal coverage.  I spent as much time on the Dahua website as I did staring at the cameras.  Originally I chose the Lite Series – 2 megapixel cameras by Dahua.  These were appropriate for the first round of replacement security cameras as they met and exceeded all specifications.  Pricing was great too and they were compatible with the Dahua NVR4432-16P-4K network video recorder.  I picked up two IPC-HDBW2220R-ZS/VFS which is a 2MP Full HD Network IR Dome Camera.  Also two more IPC-HFW2220R-ZS/VFS-IRE6 which are 2MP Full HD Network IR Bullet Camera.  The only difference in these cameras are their shapes.  The different shapes allow for better placement in certain areas.

Immediately I was able to configure the security surveillance cameras for remote viewing with minimal help.  I did have to call the security company again that pointed me in the Dahua direction.  They told me that Dahua distributors offer free support for Dahua products only.  He said the Dahua product is great but to be careful and choose a distributor who is US based for the best support.  I did feel a tad bit guilty calling him again after I was only billed an hour for the initial setup.

I’m ready to order more cameras now that I have replaced 4 of the 16 security surveillance cameras for the Dahua NVR4432-16P-4K network video recorder.  The Ultra Smart Series was chosen for security cameras 5 thru 8.  I decided to get an even higher resolution and purchased two of the IPC-HDBW8331E-Z – 3MP HD Ultra WDR Network Vandal-proof IR Dome Cameras.  Two additional security cameras from the Dahua Ultra Smart Series tagged along.  The  IPC-HFW8331E-Z 3 Megapixel Full HD WDR Smart Network Motorized IR Cameras.  Now I have 8 of my IP Cameras upgraded to a more modern high definition variety.

I’m ready to go top shelf for the last round of security cameras.  Since I’m gaining more confidence in the security surveillance arena I chose more advanced options.  The Eco-savvy 2.0 Series was picked for its higher megapixel resolution.  I ordered two IPC-HDB(W)5502-(DI) 5Megapixel Full HD Network Motorized IR Dome Cameras. These security cameras permit me the options to change viewing directions and zoom in out levels.  I also grabbed a few IPC-HFW5502C 5Megapixel Full HD Network Motorized IR Bullet Cameras.  Now I have cameras 9 thru 12 on the Dahua NVR4432-16P-4K Network Video Recorder setup and running smoothly.

Security Camera Review

This particular Dahua NVR4432-16P-4K Network Video Recorder has 32 channels but I only had 16 cameras pre existing.  Time to round out cameras banks 13 thru 16. The Fish Eye Series make the cut.  The fisheye style camera gives a wider view and was chosen for our large atrium style warehouse. The IPC-EBW81200 12M Ultra HD Vandal-proof IR Network Fisheye Camera has a versatile viewing area.  Most security surveillance cameras have some IR (infrared) capability.  The Thermal Series takes seeing in the dark to the next level with the TPC-BF5300 Thermal Network Bullet Camera.  4K Ultra HD has the highest resolution available for the security surveillance industry.  Wow a 4k security camera!  IPC-HF81200E 12 Megapixel Ultra HD Network Camera and IPC-HDBW81200E-Z 12 Megapixel Ultra HD Network IR Dome Camera.

Eventually I will fill out some of the remaining slots left on the Dahua NVR4432-16P-4K network video recorder.  I have started looking into some Dahua Network PTZ cameras.  The PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) security surveillance cameras allow much more remote control of viewing options.  All of these security cameras are able to viewed remotely.  With the PTZ security cameras you can actually zoom in, change the direction up or down and left and right.  The Ultra-smart Series, Eco-savvy 2.0 Series, Eco-savvy H.265 Series, Mini PTZ Series, Zoom Camera, Positioning System give me plenty of options.

I was truly blind to the amount of theft happening right in front of my eyes.  Not only by actual customers but trusted employees were actively participating regularly. Theft has been greatly reduced along with employee productivity spiking.  I attribute this to my one man loss prevention team the Dahua NVR4432-16P-4K network video recorder.  

I’m learning more about security surveillance every day with my newly self appointed title as head of security.  Security jargon no longer stifles me and I actually enjoy a bit of pride while reading security device manuals.  ONVIF, IP Camera, Hikvision, Ultra High Definition, Closed Circuit Television, PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom Camera), POE (Power over Ethernet), Video Analytics, Event Handling, Real Time Viewing, Media Configuration, Device Management, IP Configuration, Device Discovery, Profile S, Profile C & Profile G.  Some of my co-workers and family say my addiction to security surveillance borders on voyeurism.  I say it hedges more closely to being a wiser business owner.

Since our first purchase was so successful we plan on expeditiously ordering more for our other business locations.  I have already ordered a few of the Dahua NVR4416-16P-4K.  Birthday wish list for other business locations.  I will anohter security camera review once I get them up and running.

NVR4408/4416/4432(-16P)-4K 8/16/32CH 1.5U 4K H.265 Network Video Recorder

NVR4408/4416/4432 8/16/32CH 1.5U Network Video Recorder

NVR4408/4416/4432-8P 8/16/32CH 1.5U 8PoE Network Video Recorder

NVR4416/4432-16P 16/32CH 1.5U 16PoE Network Video Recorder

To any and all business owners without a modern security surveillance system.  It’s never too late…

John Visnoski

Soulard Farmers Market

St. Louis, MO 63104

Security Camera Review