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How to View Live Video via Smart PSS Software

The following article will show you how to view your cameras and save custom views using Smart PSS software for PC. For this example, my current NVR system has already been added to my smart PSS software.

Okay, first you want to go ahead and go to Live View. From there, we will select a few cameras from the 64 channel and video recorder. Click the expand arrow next to the name of your video recorder on the left side menu. This will allow you to see all of the cameras you have on your device.Smart PSS Software

Down at the bottom right-hand corner, you have your grids. You can actually do up to 64 different cameras on one display. Click on it and you can customize it at your discretion. For the purpose of this article, I am going to drop it down to just a 4 channel grid. I will select the 4 channel grid, then select 4 different cameras in the left side menu.Smart PSS Software

Once I’ve selected 4 cameras, I will show you have to save that view and then show you how to load that view. To select a camera, simply left click inside the black space of an empty grid. Then, select the camera that you want to be in that place. After selecting the four cameras you want, go down to the bottom left-hand part of the page. Here you will find the place to save. Select the Save icon. This lets you save your view. It will give you the option to name it. So, go ahead and name it what you want, then select Okay.Smart PSS Software 

Here it will take you back to the Main Menu. Go back up to the Live View at the top right-hand corner and select it. Left click on view in the menu found on the left. Next, click on the name Default Group. Once you have selected Default Group, double left-click on Test.Smart PSS Software

Now you will see that your custom view is loaded in the Playback option on the Main Menu. You can go ahead and create as many as you’d like. It is a great way to organize your cameras a little bit better. For example, if you have indoor and outdoor cameras, you can organize them with this process.

And that concludes our tutorial on how to view live video via Smart PSS software. We hope this was helpful and that it answered all of the questions you might have had if you were having any difficulties with viewing live video feed. You can also watch the attached video covering the same material below.

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You can also view more helpful How-To tutorial videos here: Security Videos.

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