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Surveillance Systems Help Protect the Public

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As years progress and time keeps moving forward and changing, so do we and our technology. All these changes in technology evolving has led to enhanced weapons and dangerous devices, all of which can be lead in many directions of chaos and danger towards the innocent public. All of today’s technology changing requires security surveillance for the people to ensure or help with safety concerns. Public surveillance systems have grown both in enhanced technology and popularity across the globe.

Many private and large public businesses are expanding across the globe, leading to a massive amount of employees everywhere. Not to forget there are also parking lots, homes, schools, jails which are all perfect examples of a location to monitor the public under a surveillance system to help prevent harm and the public needs to know that they are out of harms way..

Cities across the country are constantly watching over the safety of their public residents. This allows crime to curve downwards a bit more each year. Surveillance systems are usually placed near businesses and streets. Most crimes occur during the night. There can be moments where on the road there are unaware drivers on their phones or being careless about the lives of their passeners by speeding. All this can cause an accident and harm others around you for your own mistake. Even going through a red light can be dangerous, which is why cameras have been installed in order to determine speeding and red light running. The authorities can go back to the recorded footage to see the fault of the collision and how they should be charged determining the damage and chaos that has been caused. Families, females and young children are mostly vulnerable to an assault near a parking lot in a mall, for example. Placing surveillance cameras in these areas allow the criminal to be identified for his crimes and could cause him to think twice on committing a felony or assaults on innocent people knowing he will be found sooner or later thanks to security systems cleverly placed. Just by the right placements of surveillance systems we are protecting many of the people across the world to better the area and people to be allowed to feel safe when leaving their homes.

Homes are a great place for surveillance cameras to be placed for the safety of your family. Hanging quality cameras such as the affordable HD-CVI series on every blind side of your property to allow yourself and family to live in safety. Showing you have cameras on your property will have the effect that it has on every thief, it will cause them to double think their decision and have them target someone else knowing they will be caught and identified if they break in to your home.

Our young ones must attend school for their growth and education for their future. Protection is needed in all public schools for young student’s safety during school hours. There are many jails that are also watched over by surveillance systems at all times, watching and protecting their inmates. Although these two locations may be far apart from being reasonable reasons to have protection over and looked out for. Schools have surveillance systems to keep watch over all their students, whether it’s an elementary school or high school or even a big campus at a university. Student protection is the school’s number one priority; schools have needed higher surveillance due to many kidnaps and assaults from adults towards children and students. They are young and need to be watched over and these cameras keep an eye on and track suspicious trespassers that are a threat to the school and students.

On the other hand, prisons watch over their convicts for each and every one of their safeties just like every other usage of security cameras. Jail is full of dangerous people who affiliate themselves with gangs and violence. In jail there are a lot of fights between members of gangs within the prison. Surveillance must be kept to monitor these gang fights in order for the officers to secure their safety and to prevent these issues from rapidly growing out of control. It can also help the Warden keep an eye on their staff as well.

Video footage can be used in trials too. Attorneys and defenders in court occasionally use footage as proof of the investigation. Footage from a surveillance system can identify what took place in the scene of the crime, who the suspect is, the victim and witness. A surveillance system is a great positive potential help when it comes to prosecuting and coming down to final decisions with the proof. Having footage can help when a victim or suspect shows a lack of evidence, the footage can be shown and that is all the proof one might need, thanks to the recordings of the DVR at the time with a quality camera.

Security cameras can also be very beneficial in restaurants. For example a boss can always check up on their workers and make sure they aren’t slacking by checking the cameras. Another example is if someone walks out without paying they can check and see if that person is just going to their car to get their wallet. Security camera can also be used for safety purposes. If a crime has been committed in the restaurant it’s an easy way for a cop to check and solve the problem. Security cameras in restaurants are one of the top ways investigators can confirm an alibi as well.

Another place that surveillance security cameras are a must is in museums. They have to keep close eye at who comes in and out of the museum in case anything goes missing. Many ancient artifacts are there and that are very expensive. It’s important to make sure that no one goes in there with the intention of theft. The cameras are also supposed to keep on eye to make sure no one touches anything that shouldn’t be touched. That’s why security cameras have to be put in the museums.

Lastly another important place security cameras are installed is in super markets. It’s important for various reasons like to keep an eye on anyone who tries to steal anything or in case an accident happens such as someone slipping on a wet spot.

To conclude, surveillance should be mandatory everywhere. It keeps people safe and can solve lots of problem. Most places have this technology already and it keeps growing.

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