September 4, 2012

How to do Facial Capture With Security Cameras

You do not need HD or Megapixel cameras in order to get facial capture, but it will certainly make it easier. Many people have unrealistic expectations of their camera system because of TV shows like CSI that show how they get facial capture on someone who was across the street by blowing up and digitally enhancing the image. Sorry, not possible unless the image was taken with an extremely high resolution cameras (like 15 megapixel or greater). The first thing to understand about facial capture is you need to use a dedicated camera. Typically you will have one facial capture camera used ONLY to capture and identify your subject, then an overview camera that allows you to see what they are wearing and doing. The key to facial capture is positioning of the camera and selecting a target point. For example an entrance door or an exit. Then place the camera close enough or use a lens large enough so that the target point takes up most of the image. If you wish to do facial capture you will need the face to take up no less than 25% of the entire video.