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Which Diversion Safe Matches Your Personality?

Which Diversion Safe Matches Your Personality?If you are like many people, you probably have a fire safe or safety deposit box that you use for storing important documents and items. However, it might be a hassle to get into these boxes, and you might be looking for a safe way to store your cash or other things close at hand without tempting people to steal them from you. One great option is to use a diversion safe.

A diversion safe is simply a safe that looks just like a household item. For instance, you can find diversion safes in the form of realistic-looking “cans of mixed vegetables” and so-called soda pop bottles. These items typically look very realistic, but they aren’t real at all. Instead, they are miniature “safes” that can be used to hide cash and other items without people knowing what the safe contains.

With so many diversion safes out there for you to choose from, however, you could be wondering which one is right for you. Although you can use a ton of ways to choose a diversion safe for your needs, one great way to choose one is by looking at your personality. If you do, you can find a diversion safe that suits you and that will actually be seen as being realistic. If you choose carefully enough, you won’t have to worry about anyone guessing that your diversion safe is actually a safe at all, which can help you keep your cash and other items safe from theft and tampering.

The Health Nut

If you are one of those individuals who is constantly spending time at the gym or who eats lots of healthy foods, you probably don’t want to buy a diversion safe that looks like a big box of candy. Instead, you should consider choosing one that suits your personality a little bit better.

For instance, you can try a water bottle diversion safe. You can typically find options that look like the bottles from all of your favorite brands, and for all of the people who frequently see you carrying around a bottle of water, your diversion safe won’t be obvious at all.

The Girly Girl

If you are one of those females who spends all of your free time primping and working on your good looks, a lot of people probably don’t even notice all of your beauty products any more. This is a good thing because you can use it to your advantage by looking for a clever diversion safe that is reminiscent of one of your favorite beauty products.

For instance, there are diversion safes out there that look like hairbrushes. They allow you to stash your items where no one can find them, and no will will ever think of opening up your “hairbrush” in an effort to find your secret stash. This can be the perfect diversion safe for you!

If you don’t want to try using a fake hairbrush as a diversion safe, try looking at your other feminine-style options. For instance, there are diversion safes out there that are in the shape of a lipstick tube! Even though you can’t use them to touch up your lips between meals, you can definitely use one as one clever diversion safe.

The Bookworm

If you are a bookworm, the people that you know probably know you as the one who is always carrying around a novel. Even those who don’t know you well might have spotted you with a book a time or two. This is a positive thing, of course, because it means that you can use a faux book as a diversion safe for all of your private, valuable and important things.

In fact, books make great diversion safes because they are typically a little bit bigger than other diversion safes. This can provide you with extra space for stashing stuff that you don’t want anyone else to mess with.

The Cleaning Nut

For those who can’t stand to see a single speck of dirt or dust in the house, there are perfect diversion safe options for you. Although someone with a messier home might not be able to use a cleaning detergent bottle as a diversion safe, you will most certainly be able to because your home is spotless. Your friends and family members might even be tired of seeing you with cleaning solutions in your hand, meaning that nobody will even think about touching your diversion safe.

For instance, there are tall and roomy diversion safes in the shape of Ajax cans and other similar cleaners. These cans offer lots of room for stashing coins, cash, important documents and more, and you can place them in plain sight. Even if someone sees it, they will think that it simply goes with the territory of your spotless home and won’t even think about bothering with it, allowing you to hold onto your cash and valuables without a worry.

The Gardener

Are you someone who loves getting your hands dirty and planting vegetables, flowers and other plants? If so, there are plenty of great diversion safes for you. For instance, one popular type of diversion safe is a safe that looks like a flower pot. Instead of planting your next crop of veggies or your favorite flower in it, however, you can plant your valuables so that no one will spot them.

You can even look for other diversion safes, such as a thermometer that mounts on the wall. When people see it, they will think that you are just checking the temperature so that you can plan which plants you will be planting.

The Junk Food Junkie

If you enjoy munching on your favorite junk food snacks constantly, you can actually use this habit to your advantage. Instead of thinking that you need to quit eating these tasty snacks and drinking your favorite sweet sodas, you can actually use your junk food habit as a way of hiding your stuff from someone who might steal it.

There are countless diversion safes out there that look like junk food favorites, so try to look for one that will be as realistic as possible and that is something that you actually like to eat. For instance, you can look for a soda can or soda bottle from your favorite brand, or you can look for a safe that looks like your favorite boxed cracker or other snack. These possibilities really are endless, so take your time finding something that people will actually believe that you are eating or drinking.

The Caffeine Addict

If everyone knows you for being the one who is constantly drinking coffee, you should look for a diversion safe that looks like a cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop. There are plenty of diversion safes out there that resemble the cups from some of the biggest and most famous coffee chains, and one of these cups should blend right in your home.

The Grease Monkey

If you are always working on your car or motorcycle and are known for having your hands dirty and always being in the garage, you should look for a diversion safe that resembles engine oil, your favorite car washing solution or another similar product. If you do, you could even leave it in your garage without anyone noticing what it really is.

It can be a lot of fun to look at diversion safes, and you might be surprised by just how many of the options actually speak to your own personality. By taking the time to choose a diversion safe that really speaks to you and the things that you do and use regularly, you will be able to trick nearly anyone into thinking that your safe isn’t really a safe at all. Not only can this process be a lot of fun, but it can actually help you to keep your belongings safe. In fact, you might end up confusing yourself, and you might forget that your diversion safe is a safe at all if it blends in well enough with your life and your belongings, which is a good thing if you are trying to keep your things as safe from theft as possible!

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