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Why You Should Choose TechPro Security for Your Security Camera Installation

You’ve Googled it. You’ve read every article you can find. You think you’re good around the house because you got the toilet unclogged! You’re confident that you can install that box of cameras packaged with an NVR and “Everything You Need To Safeguard Your Home”, because your wife told you that you’re “pretty darn handy”.  You can, but at what cost? Your sanity? Your marriage? Your masculinity? Choosing to do your own security camera installation can be a great hassle.


You can go to one of thousands of retail locations and spend a few hundred dollars  on a boxed system sold by someone who usually works in the video game department or home appliances depending on what day of the week it is. You’ll pay what you perceive to be a fair price and you’ll get home, take it out of the box, and realize that it’s more complicated than you thought. You’ll read the directions and then spend hours running cable in your attic and forgetting that the insulation gives you a rash. Or, you’ll try to balance on that ladder while you use a staple gun to attach cable to the soffit. You’ll buy some special tools to make the connections at the end of the CAT5 or the RG59 Coaxial Cable and inevitably you’ll connect everything and it won’t work. At least not right. The picture might be blurry or there might be a line running through the image. Maybe the cameras all work but you can’t view them on your smartphone! Well, you can breathe easy because you can call the manufacturer and they will help you get everything set up..NOT!

Them – “For English Press 1, For Spanish Press 2”

You – “#1”

Them – SILENCE except for distorted elevator music

You – “Hello. Hello. HELLO!”

Them – SILENCE except for distorted elevator music

You – “Seriously! HELLO!!!”

Them – “Due to high call volume, your anticipated wait time is . . . 15 minutes. If you prefer to have one of our representatives return your call, please enter 3 and leave your name after the beep”

You – “3 . . . Bob Sch . . “

Them – SILENCE and then a dial tone

You  – “Hello. Hello. Bleeping! Bleep! Bleep!”


After 2 more disconnects, 3 hours on hold, and your children hearing words some adults have never heard, you’re connected to someone in another country named John Smith who you can’t understand. You’ve had enough! You disassemble the system, take it back to the store and you’re charged a 15% restocking fee because you mounted the cameras. You get the refund back in cash and spend half of it drinking at the corner bar with someone named Porsha and getting a DWI a block away from your home! All because you didn’t leave it to the professionals!

Okay, so maybe that’s a little extreme, but if you own a home or a business you’ve probably tried some DIY project that you thought you could do and ended up making a mess. Come on, admit it. Don’t worry, you won’t lose your man card! WE are professionals and doing installations is how we started.

The Internet has done a great job of convincing everybody that they can be a super model, Bob Vila or Martha Stewart and all they have to do is go to You Tube to learn how. You can do the same with your security surveillance system for your home or business. You can check out our videos and get a pretty good idea of what you need, how to connect everything, and how to monitor it. All you need is a recorder and some cameras right? What about cable? You know there’s more than one cable choice right? Are you going to use RG59, RG6, RG11 or maybe slim RG59? Will it be shielded, double shielded, quad shielded? What about the connector? You know there are different connectors . . . don’t you? Will you use an F connector, N connector or a BNC connector? How will you connect the connector to the cable? You can use a molded connector, hex crimp or compression and you’re going to screw them on. Or do you want to push them on? You’ve got one of these tools shown below right? You’ll need one but, you knew that!


So, you’ve now connected your NVR to your CVI cameras using RG6 cable and you’ve lost 5 pounds in water weight because the crawlspace is 120° during the summer. You’re hooked up and ready to test it. Nothing, you have nothing! You know you have to use IP cameras with an NVR right? CVI cameras can only be used with a CVI DVR but hey . . . it’s an easy fix. You can take the hard drive out of the NVR and send the NVR back or you can send the CVI cameras back and get IP cameras! Easy! But you used coaxial cable and you have to use CAT5 cable if you want to use an NVR! But, it’s okay, you’ll rebound. It’s Sunday night and you’ve got a whole week to recover.

Ah, the weekend is here again and you’re pumped and ready to finish what you started last week. Oh that’s right, you have to get the car over and get an oil change and tires rotated, mow the lawn and go see Charlie’s soccer match, but hey, there’s always tomorrow! Oops, you forget about the wake for your wife’s cousin and a get-together celebrating her life at Aunt Rose’s house. That was tomorrow? So, four weeks after you started and you’ve already spent hours of time ordering, reordering, running cable, patching the hole in the ceiling that you made with your steel toe work-boots (that you bought just for this job). You bought some special tools for the cable that you’ll never use again and your wife refuses to talk to you until you do something to make the outside wiring look better!


Is it really worth the headache? Do you need to add another “task” to your honey-do list? If you’re anything like me, you value your free time and could find better uses for your time than climbing around in your attic or digging a trench around the house JUST to run cable! Do yourself a favor and go check out the Security Camera King Installation Service online and let us help alleviate the stress of doing it yourself! Have you ever watched a professional do something and said “Self, how do they make it look so easy”? They make it look easy because they do it every day again and again and again! Repetition creates habit and here at Security Camera king, we have a habit of installing surveillance security systems that fit your needs and budget!

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