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Best Indoor Locations for Surveilling Your Business

Best Indoor Locations for Surveilling Your BusinessSecurity cameras are a great means of prevention and detection of any unauthorized activity in your business establishment. A security camera is not an intelligent device, so you need to determine where the best place to locate a camera might be. They are only as effective as the location in which you place them. To ensure you are placing the cameras somewhere that makes sense, you will want to consider the areas that are most prone to any problems. When you have this information in the back of your mind, you will be able to place the cameras around your location with ease. You will begin to notice a decrease in the amount of criminal activity taking place with your new security cameras in place.

Security cameras are responsible for two main purposes: deterring criminal activity and investigating instances that may arise. Images collected with your security camera will be used to review any criminal activity to provide an overview of what really happened at the business. Cameras also prove to provide you with a deterrent around the property. When people know they are being watched, they will tend to act appropriately and do everything they can to be on their best behavior.

To realize the deterrent and investigative value for your security system, you will want to take time in determining where you are going to locate them around the property. Some of the best locations are outlined below:

Entrance and Exit Points

Entrance and exit points provide you with the best opportunity for recording and viewing any images to help identify the perpetrator. To capture a useful image, you will want your security camera placed into an area that is at least three feet wide, which is the average size of doorways.

Make sure to exercise caution when placing your camera facing the exterior doors. As the door swings open, it will cause a sudden change in lighting that can cause the individual to turn into a black blob. Instead of being able to capture a facial image, you are going to get nothing more than a dark shadow of a person. In a number of instances, you will have a lot easier time being able to view the exit. Lighting will be more abundant because the camera will be placed into a position that is away from the light coming in from outside.

Placing a monitor or television close to the entrance will also help you to capture quality images of the person and their facial features. As visitors and customers come into your establishment, their eyes will be drawn toward your monitor. If you position the cameras close to the monitors, you will be able to capture full-on, clear facial images. If you have the monitor displaying your surveillance footage, you will also have the maximum deterrent in effect.

Transaction Points for Customers

A security camera should be placed in locations where customers are going to conduct their transactions. Cash registers, kiosks and teller stations are all prime locations for security cameras to be placed. Entrances and exits provide you with the best opportunity to capture images that can be used for investigative purposes. Try to have your cameras a minimum of seven feet from the ground and looking directly at the area being monitored. If you mount cameras too high into the air, you will not be able to see anything beyond the top of the perpetrators head.


When it comes to targets, that means jewelry cabinets, cash drawers, filing cabinets, safes and any other area that a thief may want to steal from around your business. In these locations, you will want the camera to capture images in as wide of a span as possible. The underlying idea is not to necessarily identify the face of the perpetrator, but more to review and respond to any criminal activity that takes place. There may be areas where you can mount the security cameras into a high location that can monitor drawers and cabinets around the business.

Secluded Areas

Back alleyways and parking lots are great locations for the placement of a security camera. All of the images that you capture will prove to be useful in being able to investigate acts of violence or vandalism. Your camera system will also prove to be a wonderful deterrent for any potential criminals. When someone sees a security camera looking at them, they may stop and think twice before engaging in any criminal activity.

A surveillance system will provide you with a view into what is going on around your property. If they are connected to a recording device, they provide you with the opportunity to play everything back later on when you have time to look at all of the information. When you go through and install the cameras, you will want to make sure they are arranged in a manner that is going to observe all of the different areas of the business.

Determining Where You Need to Place Your Cameras

Before you install the security cameras, you will want to draw a map of the property and determine the locations where you want to place them. Make notes about whether there is an adequate light source in the area. If you do not have light in the vicinity, you will want to make sure a flood light or other source of lighting is installed where you plan to position the camera.

Figuring Out What it is That Your Camera Needs

Determine what your camera is going to need to power it up, such as a power source or electrical outlet. If you decide to purchase a wireless camera, you will want to make sure there is nothing that is blocking the elements that transmit the signal, which is often found at the top of your device. When you have a wired security camera, you will need to snake the wires underneath the trim of your property to help prevent the wires from being seen by others who may attempt to vandalize your surveillance system.

Placement and Testing of the Cameras

Mount your first camera onto the brackets, but avoid tightening the bolts to mount the camera just yet. Connect the power supply into an electrical outlet and then connect your video cable into the monitor. Power the camera on and adjust the lens and controls to ensure you are getting the absolute best setting before you tighten everything down and secure it into place.

Utilizing an Electrical Outlet

Connect the camera to an electrical outlet that doesn’t have any other devices connected to it. Air conditioners, devices with monitors and refrigerators should all be connected to a different outlet. Any of the aforementioned devices could end up causing interference with the operation of the camera and produce a rolling bar on the monitor or recording device. If you use a commercial grade power strip for connecting all of your cameras into one outlet, it will help minimize the amount of outlets you are going to need to power everything up. The power strip will help protect your cameras from any power surges or lightning strikes. You can find these power strips at any home improvement, hardware or electrical supply store. Avoid using the strips that are found at an office supply store or discount store because they are not as high of grade as the commercial ones.

Additional Accessories Required

To connect your security camera, you will want to use a double-shielded coax cable. Even though the cable may cost you a little more money up front, it will be well worth it to make sure you are getting the absolute best in picture quality for your video recording device. These cables are also less risky for damage from lightning strikes and power surges. For a longer cable run, you will want to make sure you purchase a cable that is capable of handling video signals over an extended distance.

You work hard to build your business up and make it into what you have always dreamed of, so you want to do everything you can to help make sure your money is not being thrown down the drain. Installing security cameras around your business will help provide you with the peace of mind you need when you are unable to be there watching over everything going on around your establishment.

Once you determine what type of cameras you want to purchase, you will have to make the decision about how many cameras you are going to need to do the job properly and make sure everything is under supervision. Even though you cannot prevent someone from making a stupid move, you can make sure you have it all caught on tape to bring the perpetrator to justice. Never assume you will not have to worry about an intruder. Take the time to protect your investment right from the start and save yourself all of the headaches and hassle.

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