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How To Download Video From Your DVR

So an event occurred and now you need to download the recorded video from your security DVR to give to the authorities. What are your options for how to download the video? Depending on your DVR, you may be able to choose one, some, or all of these methods.

The easiest way to download video is through a USB output. All you need is a thumb drive. Connect it to the USB out and the DVR should recognize the hardware. Search the video, then choose to back it up to the thumb drive. Thumb drives are relatively inexpensive, so you can just hand it off to the authorities.

The next option is to burn the video to either an external or internal DVD or CD burner. All you need is a writeable CD or DVD. Insert it in the drive and download the video. Now you can provide the DVD to the party and they can play it in their own PC.

Another option is to download the video over the network. Just connect to the DVR remotely and as long as the DVR supports the ability, just search and download the video directly to your PC. From your PC you can then email the video to anyone.

Keep in mind that not all DVRs support all of these methods, but most support at least one of these methods and the higher end units will support all of the methods.


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