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How to Secure a Security Camera System

Adding a security camera system to your home is a great asset and can provide you with a lot of benefits. One thing about that is your system is only as secure as you make it. This means that when putting your security camera system up you have to think about the DVR’s (Digital Video Recorder’s) location and other aspects that can make it harder for someone to destroy footage. The three main ways you can protect your system are placing the DVR in a secure location, creating admin accounts and changing the default passwords, and applying alerts to your system to prevent tampering. I will explain with detail how this effects everyone who is using our security systems and how it will protect you and also how to secure a security camera system.

Everything that you want to keep secure there is always some way to protect it. For example, if you are trying to protect printed documents from being read or destroyed you would buy a fire-proof file cabinet or get a Safety-Deposit Box at a bank. Its the same thing with your security camera system. Here at you can get a DVR LockBox and place your DVR in there. This will provide proper ventilation and a secure box so that it become difficult to tamper with. Having that box will help with tampering but you also want to place it where no one can reach or see it as well. In a home setting this box might not be something that you might want to put up because it is bulky and very noticeable. In that case you can place it in a basement, closet, or even an attic (Providing proper ventilation and climate). These places make the unit more difficult to find your Digital Video Recorder and can deter the criminal from even attempting to search for it. Following these simple steps can help you better to secure your system from destroying evidence that can put them in jail.

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When it comes to getting new devices like a Computer that you store large amounts of information to, the best way to secure all of that information from being accessed remotely is to have strong passwords. The same applies to your Security Camera System. When completing installation of the system, people tend to forget to put a strong password. Even worse, people may create a new admin user with a really strong password but forget to remove or change the passwords to the Default Users!! This is an issue because if you have your devices (DVR, NVR, IP Cameras) on the network, better yet open to the web, you are extremely vulnerable to a cyber hack. There are articles posted every day that show websites that populate unsecured security camera devices and stream there footage without peoples knowledge. Its a really scary thought having someone viewing the camera that is in your new babies nursery. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a security camera system or not use the cameras for what you want. You just have to make sure you secure it properly by creating difficult passwords and removing default accounts or changing there passwords. When your system is being viewed remotely make sure you change the default Ports in your router so no one but you and the people viewing your cameras can access the cameras. You can also change the port every so often so that if someone did get access they will lose it. Here at we provide lifetime tech support so if you need help figuring out how to protect your cameras’ network we can help you.

If there was ever the chance that someone did access your security camera system or was vandalizing your equipment, you could set up alerts to notify you when you are not there. This is a great benefit because you will have real time updates of your system all the time. Our systems support many types of alerts that include when a camera loses video. This can happen if someone is destroying the cameras to prevent being caught, or if a camera dies for some reason. Other alerts include if there is motion in the cameras. This is useful because if there is a camera that is facing your Digital Video Recorder it can give you a last second picture of the person’s face that was tampering with the unit before it loses connection. These alerts can be given in several different ways as well. If you want to receive an email for any of the alerts, you can, and it will either send you a picture or a detailed email of what is happening to the unit. You can also have the alarm trigger a siren or a door lock for criminals to be deterred or prevent them from going in a specific place. Our Digital Video Recorders are very customizable and can help you prevent and protect anything that you desire.

Having a security camera system will help you protect any asset that you need it for, but one thing you have to remember is that you also have to protect the system itself. You have to protect the system physically to prevent destruction of footage and you can do that with strategic placement and locked protective boxes. You also need to make sure that the system is secured virtually with difficult passwords and removing or changing default passwords. Last but not least is making sure that if anything is tampered with that you have proper alerts that give you warning so you can see real time what is happening to your asset. provides all of these products and features that help you keep you and your system safe. For any questions on how you can further secure you and your system or to purchase the products can call us at 1 (866) 573-8878 or visit our form at

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