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How To Set Up A Security Camera Recorder

How To Set Up A Security Camera RecorderIf you have made the decision to purchase a security camera system for your home, you are making a great step toward protecting yourself, your family, your home and your valuable belongings. Once you have made this life-changing decision, you are probably a bit unsure of what to do and how to purchase and install your system. Luckily, you do not have to be incredibly tech savvy or experienced in installing security systems in order to do it properly. With a little patience and a few hours on a weekend, you can have your brand new security camera system and matching recorder installed and ready for use.
Start Out With The Right Equipment
The first step to setting up your new security camera system is to start out with the right equipment. Many people make mistakes and purchase the wrong type of DVR system, so it is imperative that you do your research before making this major purchase.

First of all, walk around your home and lawn and determine where you will be placing security cameras. It is important to determine how many security cameras you need before making your purchase. Make sure that all of the important areas of your lawn and home can be properly monitored with the amount of cameras that you choose. If in doubt, it is truly better to purchase too many security cameras rather than too few.

Next, you will need to choose the perfect security camera recorder. This is a very important step of the security process. There are tons of options out there, so take a look at the different recorders out there. You want to make sure to purchase a security camera recorder that can hook up to the number of security cameras that you need, and you always want to look for important features when making your purchase. Taking the time to buy the right security camera recorder can really make a difference when you are setting up your security camera system.
Choose The Perfect Placement For Your Outdoor Security Cameras
The placement of your outdoor security cameras makes a big difference in the level of security that your security system will provide you with. The number of outdoor security cameras that you will need will vary based on the size and layout of your lawn.

It is important to place a security camera near all of the entrances to your home. Make sure that you can get a clear view of everyone who approaches your door; this will help you to catch burglars who sneak in an unlocked door or who find a way to break or pick your locks. It will also help you to watch the coming and going of people who enter your home.

You will also want to install security cameras that will capture footage from your driveway. You would be surprised just how many thieves actually walk right up your driveway when they approach your home, and you can watch any funny business if someone decides to pull into your yard with their vehicle when you are sleeping or are not at home. You can often mount your security camera on your roof or in a tree for this purpose; make sure that you can get a clear view of your entire driveway.

You should also think about installing security cameras near your garage or carport and near your storage shed or other area where expensive tools, lawn mowers and other valuable items are stored. As always, it is important to make sure that your camera is properly placed so that it can capture a clear view of the area without any obstructions.
Determine Where To Place Your Indoor Security Cameras
Many people do not want to have security cameras inside of their home due to privacy reasons, but it isn’t a bad idea to do so if you feel comfortable with it. When it comes to protecting your home from a burglary or recovering stolen goods and convicting a robber who has burglarized your home, footage from an indoor surveillance camera can be very valuable. It will provide you with another view of the person who has robbed your home, and this evidence can help your local law enforcement officers to catch the person who broke into your home.

There are other reasons why installing a few indoor security cameras can be a good idea. People who have children who are cared for by a babysitter or a nanny often feel more comfortable if they are able to watch what is going on when they are not home. An indoor security camera can also help to spot theft from people who work inside your home, such as a cleaning professional or a handyman.How To Set Up A Security Camera Recorder

If you do decide to install indoor security cameras in your home, sit down and think about the areas that you would like to monitor. Placing an indoor security camera near your door can capture footage of someone who breaks into your home, and it will not seem too intrusive to the rest of your family. You might also consider placing one in your baby’s nursery for protective purposes.

When placing security cameras indoors, think about hanging them high. This will help to prevent them from being moved or stolen, and they might not seem as obvious in some cases. Make sure that you mount your indoor security cameras at a proper angle so that you can capture good footage of the area that you want to monitor.
Select The Perfect Spot For Your Security Camera Recorder
Along with choosing the right location for your security cameras, you should also put a bit of thought into where you would like to place your security camera recorder. You want to place it in a room where it will not be damaged, and it is also nice to put it in a room that you spend a lot of time in; this will make you more likely to actually watch your surveillance footage.

Choosing the right spot for a security camera recorder can be different for every individual, but make sure that you put a bit of extra thought into this decision. Many people choose to place their security camera recorders in their master bedroom, and some like to place it in their home office.

Remember that your security system DVR could become a target in the event that your house is broken into; some thieves will want to steal your DVR system in order to sell it, and some will want to destroy any evidence that they have left when breaking into your home. Therefore, consider placing your security system DVR in a room where it is not likely to be noticed during a thief’s harried rush through your home.
Prepare Your Security Camera Recorder For Use
Before installing your security camera recorder, take the time to read the instruction manual that comes along with it. Many people do not like reading instruction manuals, but it is important to do so when it comes to your security camera recorder. Security camera recorders are typically relatively easy to use, even for beginners, but you want to make sure that you have a full understanding of exactly how your system works so that you do not get frustrated and so that you do not make a mistake that will hinder the performance of your system.

Reading the instructions can also help you to learn more about valuable features that come along with your security camera recorder. Many people are unaware of just how many features many of these systems have, but reading your instruction manual carefully will inform you of all of these features. Having a good understanding of how each feature works will help you to get the most out of your security camera recorder.

After learning a bit more about your system, turn your system on and make sure it is plugged in. You will want to make a few adjustments to your system at first; consider tweaking the color and brightness, and make sure to put your surveillance footage into the right frame to ensure that you can see your picture as clearly as possible. Also, consider tweaking your frame rate if you can so that you can maximize the potential recording time of your system.

Next, consider trying out all of your features. Making sure that you have a clear understanding of how each feature works can help you to get the most benefit out of your security camera recorder, and there is no better way to learn these features than to try them out yourself.

Also, consider making your security camera recorder vandal-proof. As mentioned above, these systems can sometimes become the target of a burglar who breaks into your home, so do the best that you can to protect it. Along with placing it in an inconspicuous place, consider taking other precautions to protect your system. You can actually purchase an enclosure that is made to protect your security camera recorder; many of these enclosures and heavy and sturdy enclosures that include locks for maximum protection. You should also protect your system with a password if possible, and do not make the mistake of writing the password down near your computer so that thieves can find it.

How To Set Up A Security Camera Recorder It is also important to think about what you will do if your power goes out. It is best to continue capturing footage when you can, and you also want to protect your system from being damaged during a storm. Purchase a surge protector that is designed for protect electronics during storms for the best results. Some of these products even charge and maintain power for half an hour or so after the lights go out; this can be excellent news for those who want to continue monitoring their home during a short power outage.
Monitor Your Surveillance Footage Properly
One mistake that many people make is not watching their surveillance footage as often as they should. Make sure that you do not fall into this trip; it will be difficult for you to protect your home using your surveillance footage if you do not watch it as often as you should. You might not notice that something is missing or that something has happened around your home until it is too late if you do not watch your footage, so make an effort to at least scan the video on your security camera recorder on a regular basis.

Watching your surveillance footage on a regular basis can also help you to tweak the placement of your cameras. If you are having a difficult time seeing an area of your lawn, use your surveillance footage as a guide to help you to adjust your cameras until you have a clear view. If you notice that one of your cameras is not providing you with a clear picture at nighttime, consider replacing that camera with a camera that has infrared technology. You can also play around with the features of your security camera recorder until you are able to view your surveillance footage the way that you want to.

Once you have installed your surveillance camera system, you will instantly feel relief and peace of mind. It will be easier to sleep at night when you know your family and your belongings are properly protected by your new security camera recorder, and you will have the valuable footage that you need in the event that something goes wrong at your home. Along with watching for burglars and thieves, you can use your new security camera recorder to keep an eye on your babysitter, landscaper and others who work in and around your home, and you can also keep an eye on pesky neighbors and nosy children who enter your yard. Once you have this level of security and protection, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

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