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Manage Your Inventory With An Extra Set Of Eyes


Owning your own business is hard enough lets face it, so the last thing you need is inventory issues. Lost product or misplaced product could be devastating to the fast paced flow of production, so you really have to be able to manage your inventory. This is something that may not be preventable but can definitely be managed. With an extra set of eyes you can track where your inventory is being placed, how its being handled, and who misplaced or mishandled it. Now, when I say an extra pair of eyes I don’t mean bring in another employee to help manage inventory, due simply to the fact that the more people you have touching and handling inventory, the more mistakes that will be made. Get a security camera system. This way when an employee notices you have too many of one thing and not enough of another, you can go back in your footage and see what the issue was, whether it be someone misplaced it, it was labeled incorrectly, or something just simply never came in.

Here at we ship all over the world, and by taking a quick look at our website you can imagine the type of inventory we have to manage. The things here that get misplaced or mishandled are not cheap things that are easily replaced, so this is why we have people within the company looking over and managing inventory along with our computerized inventory system. Say an order gets placed for an OD-LX700IR50 (one of our many analog cameras) once it goes through the system and takes its course like every order does, the camera will be automatically taken out of our inventory system and placed into the order. Once it reaches the time and place to pack and ship the order it is pulled from the shelf and shipped on its way to the customer. Say before this order was placed inventory says we have 1 left thats not really there due to any reason, maybe somebody is testing it or it was never put away in the correct spot. What ever the situation may be the order will be able to get pushed all the way through and print out to be shipped, when the shipping department sees there is actually no camera there someone will be notified and can then proceed with searching for it and looking through footage to see where it ended up.

That is just an example of how things work in our facilities, you may handle it differently but this way is effective, and not only for looking for misplaced product. You being the owner of a business want to make sure your products are being handled with care and caution. But, your not always available to watch over the people you employ directly, so you have a security system installed. Now you can be in you office and monitor what is going on throughout your company. You can see if people are just tossing your things around or not working up to par, and with a microphone you can even hear what they are talking about. If somebody is complaining about the way another person is working or if they are saying they can’t wait to quit or they won’t be there for long. Those are the things you don’t wanna hear from an employee, they tend to not care about the job at that point in time. When they stop caring careless mistakes will be made and this is a way to try and prevent them from ever happening.

Without the presence of a security system you are blind when you are not physically there at the office. You can only put so much trust into your management team, like I was taught at a young age if you want something done right you do it yourself. How can I see my employees working hard or hardly working if I’m not there, one might ask. Well with an IP based camera system you will be able to remotely log in to view your cameras. This simply means at home you can pull up the cameras footage through via the internet.

All things in life are achievable when you work towards your goals. So now, for once you can sit back and look at how you achieved those goals through hard work and devotion. Now you’ve got your very own business that you put your blood, sweat, and tears into. The last thing you need is some young punk tossing your things around like trash or not following your procedures and just plain old disrespecting you and your business. With one of these systems you won’t have to put up with such behavior any longer.

Don’t put it off any longer do yourself and your business a favor and get a security camera system. Its extremely easy, give us a call at 866.573.8878 or visit our website at Which ever you decide to use know your equipment will be in good hands as it leaves our warehouse due to the simple fact that we use our own systems to monitor our inventory and to ensure the employees are handling product the right way.

Now keep in mind, these systems are not just in place to protect your inventory, but to ensure your customers are getting the correct product in the shape they expect it to be in. If someone here in our warehouse was building a DVR/NVR and dropped the lid on the ground it will most likely be scratched. Now a good employee should inspect it and report it to management if it needs to be replaced. Unfortunately not every employee will notice or care to report it, and when the customer sees the lid all torn up and calls to tell us we can review footage from that order and find out what happened. whether it be the faceplate was scratched or the buttons don’t work, or even it may not work at all due to not being properly tested. What ever the case may be we will find out what happened and can be taken care of urther due to our camera system.

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