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Motorized Zoom Cameras
Today at SCK we wanted to talk to you a bit about our Motorized Zoom Cameras, what makes them so great, and what makes them different than other types of cameras! First a bit about who we are and why you should trust the SCK name!

We are Security Camera king, the Nations best online retailer of Security hardware Specifically CCTV. We like to stay ahead of the curve, always offering the newest and greatest technologies to help keep your location secure. One of those technologies is Acces control- which allows the user to ‘control’ who has ‘access to various parts of a building. This is done with a series of installed readers, pin pads, keycards, boards, and computers. However, our biggest business comes from our namesake, as Security Camera King we know CCTV better than anyone. In fact, our roots began as a CCTV installation contractor was known as TechPro Security Products in South Florida starting in the early-mid 2000s. Since then we established such strong brand recognition and reputation that we decided to offer our high-end low-cost products online. This includes our entire line of Elite Security Cameras, recorders, and access control hardware. Now that you know a bit more about us, let’s talk about our awesome Motorized zoom cameras!

So, CCTV stands for closed-circuit television and is a way of saying that any recorded footage is privately transmitted only within the recording system and to those who have access to it. Unlike traditional television, which is broadcast publically, CCTV is basically another way of describing ‘security footage’ since it’s intended only to be accessed by private parties. That means that CCTV is an interchangeable term for Security cameras in today’s world. CCTV has two major technology types by which people transmit and record their cameras footage. Those technologies are either IP/Network or Coax/Analog. Both technologies are very viable and have their place and purpose in the CCTV world today. There’s often a misconception that because IP/Network cameras are newer that COAX is now obsolete and you need to upgrade or move on. while there are some extremely advanced features only present in network cameras, Many users will find that the myth of coax being obsolete actually couldn’t be further from the truth- and the fact that Coax can also utilize awesome features like Motorized zoom cameras is proof that the tech is more than viable.

COAX technologies have been around longer, and therefore many existing installations have coax cable ran through the infrastructure already. Cameras send their footage to a central recording station by their cabling, which for coax cameras is COAX cabling. This cabling if still intact is fully capable of being used with modern high resolution, feature-rich coax systems. That means if you wanted to say, upgrade your old DVR and 720p cameras to a new 4k system, you could do it without upending the entire installation. In fact, our motorized zoom cameras for COAX systems can even utilize COC, or control over coax, for easy connection, setup, and use with the motorized zoom feature. But what is motorized zoom anyways?

Well, there are two kinds of zoom options for the most part. The first is a digital zoom, and pretty much any recorder will feature this option. With digital zoom, any camera feed can be ‘zoomed’ by cropping a selection of an image. This cropped section is then stretched, resulting in a much closer but far blurrier and poorer quality look at the section you’re trying to enhance. Digital zoom, while somewhat useful in a pinch, isn’t really a zoom, and mentioned above it’s actually a crop and stretch.

True optical zoom is where it’s at. Optical zoom means that a camera’s lens is varifocal and can be adjusted to focus and zoom in. With optical zoom, the camera is actually looking more closely at a given area not just stretching a cropped section of the image digitally. That means the refusal is a full quality tighter field of view, a closer look at the image.

Ok, so where does motorized zoom fit in?

Motorized zoom cameras feature an optical zoom that can be controlled via a motorized lens using the recorder or an external controller. What that means is that rather than using your hands to spin and manually adjust the lense at the camera itself, you can do so from the recorder itself. This is substantially more convenient than getting a ladder, and going up however height the camera is to use your hands to adjust it (and a lot safer too!).

For clarity, while just about any recorder can digitally zoom on any camera feed, you’ll need an actual motorized zoom camera in order to use the MZ function. These types of cameras are available for both IP and COAX as mentioned above. When using IP- their MZ function is mostly plugged and play. With our COAX MZ cameras and DVRs, the setup is also super simple as they feature CoC, which means no running extra serial cables for That zoom control!

Interested in being able to “ENHANCE!” on the fly? Check out these links for our COAX and IP MZ cameras!

COAX MZ Cameras

IP MZ Cameras

Thanks for joining us today as we talked about Motorized Zoom Cameras! Please call sales at 561-288-5258  for any info on products, sales, or compatibility.Until next time, stay safe!

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