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PTZ Camera Controller

If you own a Pan-Tilt-Zoom or PTZ Camera, you may need a PTZ camera controller.  This is the device that is used to move the camera; left and right for panning, up and down for tilting, and enlarge and reduce for zooming.  Some cameras don’t require a separate controller and others even accept multiple user input as if the controllers are on a network.

PTZ camera controllers normally have keyboard type buttons and a joystick which can be used to control the PTZ camera.  Depending on the features and manufacturer of the PTZ camera, it may not even be necessary to have a PTZ camera controller as the camera can be controlled using other methods.

For example, Security Camera Kings’ PTZ Camera Product # PTZ LX550L3X uses the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and a mouse to control its movements.  The control panel has various buttons and icons that can be clicked on with the mouse or you just click and drag to move the camera into any position.

If you are interested in a PTZ controller, Security Camera King offers Product# SVK-64, a 3 Axis PTZ controller.  If you’d like to provide PTZ control to more than one individual, this unit also comes with the capability to connect 8 sub-keyboards for the convenience of multiple operators.

The PTZ camera controller comes with many features and a good looking specifications sheet as well.  Some of the controllers’ features include:

  • Controller  for the remote control of CCTV devices:  Power, Pan/Tilt/Zoom Lens and Aux
  • Preset control:  Up to 64 positions memory set for each camera
  • Built-in requital ability for power failure:  Power, Auto, Pan, Preset position
  • Built in backlight for LCD window
  • 3-Axis joystick control for Pan/Tilt/Zoom Movement
  • And as mentioned above, it can be connected to 8 sub-keyboards

PTZ camera controllers are a great PTZ camera accessory that allows you to control your camera precisely.  But then again, on screen graphics and mouse control are just as good and are not required to be purchased separately.  FOr this reason, we believe that the PTZ controller will eventually be a tool of the past because of the ease of mouse and computer control.

PTZ cameras remain versatile in application.  They may plug directly into the camera, or for PC based systems use RS-232 to RS 485 adapters, which can provide PTZ control directly from your PC with DVR Card.

Using a PTZ camera controller is easy and intuitive.  However, many PTZ cameras these days will run the camera for you.   It’s called track and follow.  Most PTZ cameras now have the built-in ability to detect motion.  The camera can be set to automatically follow an object in motion (such as a person or a vehicle) and even automatically zoom to get the best shot.

PTZ camera controllers and their corresponding cameras are used in many different places for many different applications.  Many are used in parking lots to help maintain a safe environment.  Others are used inside public transportation terminals to monitor the amount of patrons, and others may be used in stores and other retail/commercial operations.

If you are interested in purchasing a PTZ Camera Controller or need more information about it, contact one of our security experts today via “Live Chat” or telephone at 866-573-8878 Monday through Friday from 9AM until 6PM EST.


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