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Choosing Types Of Security Video Camera Systems

Have you been considered a security video camera system for your home but do not know where to start? More and more homeowners are discovering the incredible peace of mind that these systems provide. Part of the increase in popularity is due to the advanced features users can enjoy at affordable prices. 

Choosing the best system for your home can be a challenge with the number of factors to consider. Understanding the different types of video surveillance systems is essential to ensuring you have what you need without spending more money than you have to. The following article will highlight the different types of surveillance systems and provide advice on how to choose the best one. 

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Security Camera Types

Surveillance video cameras have come a long way since the early days of clunky cameras and poor video quality. There are now a wide range of security camera models available that offer users a number of advanced features. Additionally, many of these systems are designed to be easy-to-use. All security cameras can be viewed as either an indoor, outdoor, or night-time/darkness camera. 

Each security camera type offers different benefits and is designed for specific settings. It is important to consider each camera type and learn their advantages, capabilities, and limitations. First, we will examine indoor security video cameras. 

Indoor Security Cameras

There are a number of indoor security camera systems available to homeowners. Indoor surveillance video cameras are generally used to monitor all activity inside a home. Some of the most common uses for this camera type include: monitoring nannies, cleaning staff, pets, babies, and burglary attempts. 

You can choose from an extremely complex system with multiple security cameras or simple plug and play cameras like one connected to a PC. In order to remotely access you system and view it when you are away from home, you will be unable to do so with a traditional CCTV system. Only a monitor synchronized with the system will work in this case. 

Outdoor Security Cameras

As the name implies, outdoor security video camera systems are designed to monitor outdoor areas like parking lots or residential driveways. The presence of these security cameras acts as a powerful deterrent against criminals. Driveway traffic can also be monitored, alerting the homeowner that someone is present on their property. 

Outdoor security cameras are capable of capturing important details such as the make and model of a car or identifying facial features. 

Nighttime/Darkness Security Cameras

Some areas of your home may have little to no light available. Monitoring these areas requires a specialized surveillance video camera. Infrared cameras are the most common security camera model used to monitor areas where little to no light is available. They can be effective for monitoring unlit areas of a residential property.

Factors To Choosing Security Video Camera Systems

Now that we have highlighted the different security video camera types available the important factors to consider when choosing what system is best. In addition to security camera types, you will need to choose between a wired or wireless system. Both offer innovative and impressive features for users. 

Wireless And Wired Security Cameras

Wireless security cameras are the most popular choice on the market for residential applications. One reason for this popularity is that they are easier to install and can be moved whenever necessary. Wireless security cameras may not be appropriate for large homes. In these cases, a wired system is recommended. 

Wired security camera systems use cables to connect the camera to the device that records and stores all the video surveillance footage. Although network IP security cameras involve some kind of wired connectivity, they do not need a video recorder to digitize data. These cameras are designed to send data over a network connection. 

Total Number Of Security Cameras

The first aspect of choosing a security video camera system will be determining how many security cameras you will need. In order to determine this, you will need to understand your home’s security vulnerabilities. Most homes can benefit from a single to a few security cameras. 

The most important areas you will need to monitor are entrances like the front and back door. The security camera can also be used to monitor who approaches the house. Other areas to consider are the home’s perimeter and tool sheds outside. Security camera placement is an important factor that can help reduce the amount of security cameras necessary.

Just a single well-placed security video camera can monitor a large area without the need for additional cameras. Understanding security camera placement is essential to ensure your security camera system is effective without purchasing additional unnecessary equipment. 

Visible Or Hidden Security Cameras

In recent years, hidden or covert security cameras have become much more affordable and widespread. Hidden security video cameras can offer homeowners some important advantages. The covert nature of these security cameras can help discreetly monitor activity within the home. This is great for monitoring houseworkers and nannies. 

Visible security video camera systems, as their name suggests, are easily seen. Their visibility provides an important advantage that covert security cameras lack. Visible security cameras act as a deterrent against criminals. Potential burglars will be more likely to avoid a home with visible security cameras.

Monitor Your Home From Anywhere

Some security camera systems offer users the ability to check the video feeds from their security cameras while they are away. Remotely access the video signals can be done through a network connected device such as a laptop or smartphone. Some systems also offer notifications that can alert you when someone is present within camera range.

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