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What To Consider With House Security Cameras

Are you considering installing house security cameras for your residence? More and more homeowners are beginning to adopt security camera systems. The primary reason is the peace-of-mind these systems can provide. Additionally, they have never been more affordable. 

Safety and security have always been a major concern for homeowners and families. Unfortunately, homes are often easy targets for criminals and burglars. Some intruders will even learn the schedules of homeowners so that they can exploit it. Installing security cameras is a great way to make your home less vulnerable. 

There are a number of considerations when choosing home security cameras. The following article will highlight some factors you should keep in mind when purchasing residential security cameras. If you have any further questions or would like to learn more about securing your home or business, please contact Security Camera King today. 

Wired Or Wireless Security Cameras?

One of the first choices you will need to make is whether you want wired or wireless security cameras. Both have their distinct advantages and drawbacks that are important to consider. Wired security cameras are hardwired into a monitoring and recording center. Wireless house security cameras are capable of sending the video footage through a wireless signal. 

Wireless IP network security cameras are convenient in that you do not need to run as many wires throughout your home. A wireless IP security camera receives power and connects to the network using a single cable. A hardwired security camera requires separate cables to receive power and be connected to the system. 

A good way to determine whether you should adopt wireless or wired security cameras is by the number of cameras you will need. Wired surveillance systems are more difficult to scale but require less bandwidth. IP surveillance systems are more easy to scale but multiple cameras will require a separate network connection. 

Where To Mount Home Cameras?

Determining where you will want to mount your home security camera systems should not be taken lightly. Finding the best locations will allow you to monitor a larger area with less blind spots and save you money. It is recommended that security cameras should be mounted in a location that can clearly monitor the doors of your home. 

Additional security cameras should be placed in locations that can monitor windows and the garage. If your home has an outdoor shed with valuables, you may want to consider monitoring areas such as this. A good rule of thumb is to install cameras that can monitor places where an intruder can enter the home. 

Choosing Visible Or Invisible Security Cameras

Security cameras can be designed to be visible or invisible to the naked eye. A visible security camera can provide a powerful deterrent against burglars (more on this below). Visible security cameras can, however, be tampered with. Criminals can cut camera cords or even destroy the security camera itself. 

Covert or hidden security cameras are virtually impossible to see. This makes hidden cameras much harder to tamper with. It is important to note however that hidden cameras will not provide the same deterrent as visible cameras. One option is to use a combination of hidden and visible house security cameras. 

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Benefits Of Adopting House Security Cameras

House security cameras can provide twenty-four-hour peace-of-mind thanks to innovative features. Capabilities like video analytics, infrared imaging, remote monitor, and others have made using security camera systems easier and more effective than ever before.

In the past, homeowners avoided adopting security camera systems believing they were too expensive. This is no longer the case, however. 

Residential Security Cameras Are Affordable

The security and surveillance industries continue to develop new advancements and technologies. In addition to enhancing the abilities of security devices, these advancements have also made adopting security cameras much more affordable.

Even the most modest budget can still afford to purchase and run security cameras with advanced features. It is also important to remember that installing house security cameras is a valuable investment.

In the event that your home is burglarized, the high-quality video footage can provide powerful evidence for law enforcement. The evidence can help law enforcement recover stolen valuables sooner and lead to the prosecution of those responsible. 

Provide A Powerful Deterrent

As previously mentioned, the presence of visible security cameras can stop crime before it ever occurs. Criminals are known to target the most vulnerable properties. A burglar is much more likely to break into a home that lacks a security camera system as opposed to a home that has adopted one. 

The reason for this is because criminals do not want evidence of their crimes to be produced. This is why it is recommended by security experts that homeowners adopt some visible security cameras. As soon as would-be burglars see the cameras, they will most likely stay away and save you a world of hassle and stress. 

Monitor Houseworkers 

If you have houseworkers such as gardeners, nannies, or house cleaners working in your home, security cameras can keep them accountable. Millions are stolen every year from homeowners by dishonest workers. The large amount of access they have to your home can give dishonest workers the opportunity to steal from you. 

Installing security cameras to monitor the outdoor and indoor areas of your home can keep houseworkers accountable and honest. If a worker has been stealing, the security cameras can capture the valuable evidence necessary to bring them to justice and recover your property. 

Know When Your Kids Get Home

Most parents work for the majority of the day. This can be an issue if both parents are unable to pick up the kids from school. If your children arrive home before you do, your security camera system can immediately notify you. Additionally, you will always stay notified of who is in your home and who comes to visit. 

Many house security cameras allow users to remotely access the video feeds through a network. You are able to check on video feeds from each camera from anywhere with an internet connection. The system can also notify you through your smartphone whenever motion is detected, such as when the kids get home from school).

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