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What our new Colorado office can do for you! announces that our new office is open for business in Colorado! We’ve always worked hard to offer the best possible services and products to our customers. And as demand has grown on the west coast, we’ve grown to meet that need. As a direct result this also means extended benefits to our East Coast customers as well. What are the ways this will benefit both the East Coast and the West Coast? What can we now do to better serve you and your needs that we couldn’t before? What can you look forward to in the future from this expansion? Will any of our services change? How are they going to change? Let’s break some of these questions down together and see just what advantages, services and expectations our company has for you, our customer. We’ll cover the new advantages, changes and what this means to the future of the company!

First let’s talk about some of the advantages that we can now offer you. Not the least of which is that, our new location now allows for faster shipping to the West Coast. While this is a rather obvious benefit it bears mention in that this means instead of having to wait 5-6 business days for your equipment, you can now receive it much faster. How much faster? Generally speaking, it will be delivered in about 3 days depending on your location. Another advantage is that with our new location, we can provide extended hours of operations.

This will include both our sales representatives and our tech support staff from both coasts. So if you are on the East Coast we will be in operation from 9am to 8PM eastern, or on the West Coast 6AM to 5PM pacific, we are available to assist you in your purchases, configurations, installations and most of the general services you’ve become accustomed to. One other obvious advantage we can offer to you is that we will now have increased space, and that means increased stock! We’ve grown a lot, and as a result our products tend to fly off the shelves. Now we will have even more product availability and stock. This will allow for more inventories and a greater availability of product to both coasts. So from longer office hours, to larger stock, we are here to provide you with the best we possibly can.

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That brings us to the new changes that are occurring in the company. This isn’t as bad as you might think; change in this case is a great thing! Many of our regular patrons may be used to working with certain personnel, and while their location may have changed, each and everyone one of us is still just as available and just as eager to assist you. We may have different hours or different locations but all of us will be available by phone and email and we will be able to help all our customers later.. or earlier as the case may be, into the day. Another change in the staffing is that we are growing. Many departments have new faces but all of us are trained in the same manner and with the same expectations of performance to give you the best services we possibly can. And that brings to one final major change that you may notice, and that is our new products. We are constantly updating our inventory with new products and advances to our systems. In truth, this is one of the benefits of this constantly advancing industry. As new more efficient equipment comes out, we are ready to quickly offer you better and better products. You’ve no doubt noticed our HDCVI products and just how quickly they’ve advanced. But as with all our products we stand by them, and you need not worry about finding support or equipment for your older systems. So with every new change there comes a new advantage to you, a new improvement to us, and a new future that has you at the center of it.

Now what do all these advantages and changes mean for the future of our company? Well, we are going to continue to grow and this means a great deal of advantages. The first of which are increased resources offered, and as we talked about, our staff and stock is one thing that’s obviously grown and may continue to. This will mean faster service in tech support and more sales staff to answer your questions and help you build the system that best suits your needs. This will help you both in your purchases and in the installation and maintenance of your equipment. As our space grows we will have increased equipment stock as well. Even with the constantly evolving technology, it is our pleasure to support all the systems we offer and this helps us do so. Again, like we discussed before new stock will become available quicker as we now have an office closer to the west coast, allowing us to offer our new equipment faster to any coast. Aside from greater resources we plan in the future there is also new equipment and advancing products as we continue to be on the cutting edge of development and quality control. This allows you to see the best of what the industry has to offer at competitive pricing.

So what’s the over-all conclusion to all this? The new advantages we can offer will give you better service, equipment and pricing than before. The changes taking place within our company are all to better serve you.   And even with our changes all of the same standards of services and quality products and personnel will still be there, the same as always. We look forward to building a future that continues to serve and benefit our customer base with new products, great services, and knowledgeable staff.   It will always be our pleasure to offer the same great personnel, services and product.

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