Small Business Security Cameras
Small Business Security Cameras

Small Business Security Cameras

Small business security cameras are an effective and affordable way to increase the safety of your establishment. As a small business owner, you may be trying to avoid all unnecessary expenses. However, we urge you to do your research, because small business security cameras are an investment that will cover its installation cost with the provision of safety for your business and peace of mind for you. All business goals will vary especially when comparing the multitude of industries to each other. Nevertheless, we can note common ground among them including the desire to:

  • Maintain employee and customer safety
  • Help managerial efficiency
  • Protect company assets
  • Deter criminal activity
  • Have video documented incident reports

Security Camera King is an established provider of state of the art, business surveillance systems. These systems are 100% customizable in order to specifically cater to your individual needs. Our team of experts at Security Camera King design our own line of security products and accessories. We have found that this approach combined with our years of experience has given us a competitive advantage over our competitors in terms of product features, quality, and pricing. Our team of designers, as well as our manufacturers, have opened a pathway to specificity we could not previously achieve through product selection alone. Our team has demonstrated expertise in all aspects of innovation for our industry.

All successful businesses understand the importance of having a proactive and effective security system in place. Security Camera King offers high-quality business CCTV systems; they are among the most effectual ways to for a business owner to secure their property. Our security technology was designed in-house and manufactured to our specifications. We offer security cameras with the features you want. If one of our pre-selected security system packages won’t do we will customize a set of cameras to your individual needs to ensure all your businesses requirements are fulfilled. Some of the features you can select from our camera systems are:

  • Autofocus lens
  • Wide range visibility
  • Low light visibility
  • Monitoring in high resolution
  • Remote monitoring capabilities
  • Waterproofing capabilities
  • Large storage capacity

A camera’s lens equipped with autofocus will adjust itself to changing lighting conditions. This makes this feature ideal for cameras you’re setting up outdoors to secure the premises. Autofocus lens work in cohesion with the iris in order to change focus in real-time to achieve the best possible camera conditions for visibility. There are two types of length to select from your camera’s features. Fixed length CCTV systems have previously selected visibility range and lens size. Varifocal Length systems, on the other hand, can adjust their field of view by adjusting their lengths. When referring to security systems length describes the camera’s capability in adjusting its field of view.

Low light visibility is one of the most entreated specifications for a security camera system is its capability to adequately monitor in poorly lit conditions. Security Camera King offers state of the art security systems that can be equipped with infrared LEDs and high resolution in order to assure the business owner that all subtle movements, nighttime/dark area activity, or sensitive information can be properly monitored and recorded. Security Camera King recommends a minimum of 700 lines of resolution for properly monitoring longer distances. However, our experts agree that cameras equipped with lower resolution capabilities can work well in certain areas indoors; such a well lit small room or corridor.

All of our camera at Security Camera King come equipped with remote monitoring capabilities. There are two types of CCTV camera systems; they are analog and digital. While both are still used by individuals and companies most of the modern security systems have turned to digital interfaces. Security Camera King offers business CCTV systems that produce digital video files. The digital media files can be viewed in real time on a monitor and /or stored onto a digital video recorder for later viewing. Security Camera King brings small business security cameras that will record easily accessed footage. The video files can be readily retrieved on a multitude of devices including:

  • PC computers
  • Laptops
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • DVD systems

Security Camera King provides small business security cameras that help manage the responsibilities of the owner seeking them. Small businesses typically will only have a handful of employees that can properly complete the daily tasks and requirements of that business. This is mostly to save on salary cost and help the small business generate proper revenue and profit margins. This, however, means that small business will typically only have one or two employees working on site at once. This gives you approximately gives your business four eyes that can respond to any incident they may happen to catch. These employees are usually caught up in fulfilling other company responsibilities, leaving the security put to the side. Small business security cameras can provide safety for your company site, assets, employees, and visitors.

Most businesses that are looking into setting up a business security system, even small businesses, will most likely want to set up at least a couple security systems for the adequate protection of their premises. Security Camera King can provide your business with vandal proof dome security casings for your cameras. These cases will provide your system with protection from tampering or vandalism. Our weatherproof cameras paired with this accessory will give you some of the most secure and durable equipment in the industry.

If you are looking for premier small business security cameras to better secure your property you’re not alone. Security Camera King takes the design, manufacturing, and distribution of the state of art security technology and accessories very seriously. We pride ourselves on providing the best security equipment available to our customers paired with excellent customer service. Security Camera King offers our customers how-to-videos, a leading and proficient tech support team, as well as forum groups. Contact us and one of our expert team members will assist you with placing an order or with any questions you may have on products, their features, or if you’d like general advice on your system.

Small Business Security Cameras

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