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Security cameras have come a very long way since the advent of the early analog CCTV cameras of the seventies. Today surveillance for business is a high tech industry with incredible technology that improves every day. Over the last decade, the increasingly interconnected nature of our technology has progressed significantly -and security cameras have followed suit.

Businesses rely on competent, efficient, and cost-effective security to protect property and keep employees and customers alike safe. Security guards and CCTV cameras have been the most common surveillance for business strategy. New technology in surveillance cameras has revolutionized how businesses both large and small around the world approach security.

There is no shortage of benefits to installing and using business surveillance cameras. The incredible convenience, surprising affordability, and ease of use that modern surveillance cameras provide make them desirable for business owners everywhere. Even though finding the right camera for your business can seem daunting at first – it is the first step in protecting your company’s property and employees.

Modern surveillance for business comes in a wide variety of options that can provide reach and high quality images in any situation. The differences between these modern cameras are many, though you will need to find the best model and features for your business. These differences can include everything from lens and images to size and function.

Below are some modern cameras that can improve company security with some of their features and functions. Be certain to consider your business’ property and security needs when choosing the right model or models. Some business owners even adopt multiple models to increase their surveillance throughout their property.
Fisheye Surveillance Camera: A 360-Degree View
The 360-degree surveillance camera or “Fisheye Security Camera” comes with a number of benefits and functions. The fisheye camera has generally been underutilized in surveillance for business, though recently companies have adopted these cameras to great success. Fisheye surveillance cameras are capable of 180-degree and 360-degree monitoring capabilities.

Commonly, you will see these cameras in retail stores with high ceilings because a single one can view multiple areas in high resolution. Other businesses can utilize a fisheye camera for securing and viewing multiple areas instead of focusing on a specific detail like other more conventional cameras. The ideal properties and locations that can best use fisheye camera surveillance for business include:

  • Retail stores for theft prevention
  • Grocery stores for asset protection
  • Open office buildings to monitor employees and visitors
  • Museums for monitoring visitors
  • Sports stadiums for both team and fan monitoring
  • Warehouses for asset and employee monitoring
  • Garages and Parking Lots for detecting incidents
  • Boatyards and Marinas for protection from vandalism and theft prevention

A common mistake people make is improperly installing these cameras themselves. This can cause obstructions in the camera’s field of view, among other issues. The best location for a fisheye camera is the highest point of an indoor space with sufficient lighting to view every corner clearly.

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Night Vision Surveillance Cameras: See In The Dark
A particular challenge to surveillance for business is protecting an outdoor area at night and in low light conditions. Enter: the night vision camera whose main benefit is its high-resolution night vision. These surveillance cameras are capable of not only capturing images in the dark – some can also track temperature changes in both indoor and outdoor with thermal imaging.

Initially, this night vision technology was expensive and restrictive. With the quality of camera technology increasing every day, night vision security cameras are no different. Night vision surveillance for business comes with many options and functions. However, the first question to ask is whether your business needs an indoor or outdoor surveillance system (or both).

If you need a surveillance system for a dimly lit indoor area, then obviously the indoor night vision model will be your best choice. These models will not meet certain waterproof criteria or ratings and are usually more affordable than their outdoor counterparts. Some night vision surveillance camera models are even designed to blend in or remain hidden from sight. These may, however, have limited functionality and reach.

Outdoor night vision cameras are designed to withstand a variety of outdoor weather conditions (such as heavy winds and rain). A lens cover or hood are generally included in the camera’s design to protect from sunlight and weather. Other considerations when purchasing a night vision surveillance camera include factors such as:

  • How light sensitive does the Lux illumination rating need to be?
  • How many security cameras do you plan to adopt into your surveillance for business?
  • What advanced functions do you think your business will need (tracking, thermal imaging, etc.)?

IP Surveillance Cameras: Remote Accessibility
Surveillance for business has truly transitioned into the Twenty-first Century over the past decade. IP (Internet Protocol) security cameras are one such advent of our modern, high tech world. What makes IP surveillance cameras unique is the ability for a user or security expert to access the cameras from any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer anywhere in the world.

The technology and software of these high tech modern cameras make them easy to use whether you are a layman or a security expert. You may ask what would stop a hacker from attempting to exploit the camera’s connectivity? Among other things, IP surveillance cameras unlike their analog counterparts of yesteryear can be equipped with advanced encryption software to protect the signal from being intercepted.

Another advantage of these cameras is the ability of a business to continue adding IP surveillance cameras to their security system with relative ease. There is no true limit to the number of IP surveillance cameras that can be added because there is no need to connect them to a physical device but instead to a network. Other advantages include:

  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • High-resolution image quality
  • Intelligent video analytics and software
  • Cost-effective and affordable

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