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The Ultimate 360-Degree Monitoring Solution

The 360-degree fisheye surveillance camera comes with a number of uses and advantages. Fisheye cameras have been played a small part in the security and surveillance industries for a while now but still remain somewhat underutilized overall.

Fortunately, for those interested in its 180-degree and 360-degree CCTV monitoring capabilities, our latest fisheye security camera delivers the ultimate, high-definition panoramic surveillance experience. But before you purchase a fisheye surveillance camera online, there are a few things to consider first.

The following article will cover the basics of fisheye security cameras, including the locations it is most advantageously used. Be sure to check out the newly added IPVD-EL12FW 12MP Wireless IP Network Fisheye Vandal Dome Camera at Security Camera King and watch it in action in the demo videos provided below.
What is the Fisheye Surveillance Camera Used For?
Fisheye security cameras provide panoramic wide-angle views across a 360-degree field of vision. They are most commonly used to secure and monitor expansive locations that cover a wide geographic area.

Rather than a standard surveillance camera, a security camera with fisheye lens is capable of recording high-definition CCTV footage without any blind spots. This is especially useful for anyone in need of panoramic surveillance camera systems to keep an eye on large spaces or wide properties.

They are commonly used by retail stores with high ceilings since a single fisheye camera can view multiple areas seamlessly in clear HD resolution. A practical application for fisheye surveillance cameras is for viewing large areas as opposed to identifying specific features.

Generally, these types of cameras are placed in a centralized location to cover as much of the viewable area as possible. Once something suspicious is detected, other fixed point security cameras on the property are used to focus in on clearer details.
Ideal Locations & Properties for Fisheye Surveillance Cameras

  • Crossroad Sections (in traffic CCTV cameras)
  • Open Office Buildings (for employee monitoring)
  • Parking Lots & Garages (incident detection)
  • Grocery Stores (asset protection)
  • Retail Stores (theft prevention)
  • Art Galleries (monitoring wall art & paintings)
  • Museums (visitor monitoring)
  • Concert Spaces & Music Halls (threat detection)
  • Sports Stadiums (team fan monitoring)
  • Marinas & Boat Yards (theft/ vandalism protection)
  • Warehouse Monitoring (employee & asset monitoring)

The list of different buildings and locations that benefit from a 360-degree fisheye surveillance camera goes on and on. Generally speaking, any areas in need of a seamless 360-degree panoramic monitoring setup can utilize security cameras with a fisheye lens. The key is to make sure there is a proper place to install the camera for it to achieve wide-view it is capable of delivering.

Many people make the mistake of buying a fisheye surveillance camera without first planning the installation process. These cameras are only capable of delivering seamless 360-degree views when placed in a high, open location.

For example, if a fisheye camera were to be installed in or near a corner, the walls would inhibit its viewing capabilities, rendering the lens virtually ineffective. The ideal location needs to be at the highest point indoors and have enough lighting to view each of the corners clearly.

Speak with a CCTV installation expert before purchasing your camera if you aren’t sure whether or not the location you have in mind is in an ideal location. Be sure and check out the videos provided below to view the demos of the new IR IP Vandal Dome Fisheye Security Camera (IPVD-EL12FW) from Security Camera King.

Best in Class IP Cameras

IPVD-EL12FW Fisheye Surveillance Camera Demo: Display Modes

IPVD-EL12FW Fisheye Surveillance Camera Demo: VR Modes

IPVD-EL12FW Fisheye Surveillance Camera: Details & Specs

  • Megapixels: 12MP
  • Image Sensor: 1/1.7inch 12MP progressive scan STARVIS CMOS
  • Lens: 1.98mm fisheye, @F2.8
  • Minimum Illumination: 0.001Lux/F2.8( Color,1/3s,30IRE)
  • LEDs: 3
  • IR Distance: 33 feet
  • Protocol: ONVIF, PSIA, CGI
  • Operating Temperature: -22°F to +140°F, Less than 90% RH
  • Dimension: 5.9in x 5.9in x 1.88in
  • Power: DC12V, PoE (802.3af)(Class 0)

Visit Security Camera King to purchase the fisheye surveillance camera online or view our entire, extensive collection of wireless IP cameras, HD security cameras, DVRs, access control equipment, CCTV accessories, and more. You can also visit our Video Vault to view more demo videos to see other new cameras in action.

If you have any questions, contact Security Camera King and speak to a security camera expert or simply call 866-573-8878.

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Fisheye Surveillance Camera

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